Fast Cash Formula Review

fast-cash-formulaFast cash formula is a new binary options software by Daniel Machowski. According to Machowski his system is a simple three-step formula that will earn you $15,000 each and every month for free, guaranteed.

This sounds like every other binary options auto trader on the market but I’ll still provide a review and let you know if anything is different this time around.

Fast Cash Formula Review

The fast cash formula website leaves a lot to be desired. There is a sales video and subscription form on the main page. In order to get any information about the software we have to watch the video. Sadly, the video really doesn’t provide us with any valuable information. It’s the usual sales pitch where we are told that we are getting something for free that’s going to make us thousands and thousands of dollars. Yet, there is no information on the actual strategy behind the system and this quite a few red flags that I’ll get to as well.

Daniel Makowski makes a lot of promises about the fast cash formula but this quite a few statements he makes that aren’t true. Like most binary options developers he tells us that everything is free and that we won’t have to pay anything, but when you go to the members area you are required to make a deposit. Thus, you are paying.

Another element that I didn’t appreciate is the fact that we are being shown click bank account statements which has nothing to do with binary options at all. This is an affiliate network used for selling products online, not binary options trading. So there’s really no reason for Daniel to be showing us this.

At this point I really don’t see the purpose and recommending the fast cash formula to any of the binary today readers. There’s nothing new or interesting on this webpage and the lack of trading discussion leaves me with too many questions. The video is an impressive than the testimonials are forced and come across disingenuous. If there’s something you would like to add to the review please leave your comments or questions below the article now. You can also click ask John at the top of the webpage and send me a personal email if you want some extra help.

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