August 2016 Binary Options Income Report

august-2016-income-reportHello and welcome to the 23rd edition of the income report. Today I will be walking you through my personal earnings and breaking down the exact process I use on a daily basis. I rely heavily on binary options trading software to ensure that I grow my accounts while still having enough time to enjoy my life.

I hope that by sharing my experiences and strategies that I provide the binary trading community with a reliable trading plan.

I know I’m a little late with this report but I’ve been analyzing trades very closely, coming up with new methods and I even put together a live trade video!

Live Trade Video

In this video I trade a 3 hour evening session from around 8-11PM EST. During this time I take 7 trades from signals I received from the Binary5 software. This should give you a good idea of how this works and why it is so efficient.

Monthly Trading Results

After seeing how I trade, now you can take a close look at my monthly income and what systems contributed the most. I spent very little time on the computer this month since it’s the last month of summer but that didn’t stop me from winning trades. I kept my laptop with me pool-side so that I could take trades when the alerts came in.

  1. binary5-box-review*Binary5* +$16,225.50up-arrowup-arrowup-arrow
  2. Binary Today Trader +$6,130.25up-arrow
  3. Binary Options Bullet +$975.65up-arrow
  4. Binary Brain Wave –$1,255.90down-arrow
  5. Binary Ascend –$2,451.40down-arrow
  6. Consultation +$0.00down-arrow
  7. Manual Trading +$0.00down-arrow

Total +$19,624.10 (300K Progress 75%)

75 %


August was a very interesting month. It certainly had it’s ups and downs. Binary5 continued to dominate as my #1 favorite tool with Binary Today Trader consistently providing winners at #2.  Sadly, we saw a fall from grace for both Brain Wave and Ascend. I will be taking a close look at these systems but I expect them to bounce back with full force next month. These are very capable strategies but they just weren’t able to give me the quality signals that I require to be successful.

I leaned heavily on Binary5 and feel that it’s going to continue to stay atop the podium for a long time. I see longevity in this 5 minute binary options strategy, and that’s an element I really appreciate.

A Closer Look

Now let’s take a closer look at the statistics to see if we can spot any trends to take advantage of moving forward.

Binary Income By Month (last 12 months)

We can see here that my overall income took a minor dip this month. I attribute the dip to the poor performance of BBW and BA but feel they will recover in the short and long-term. I also traded less than I normally do but I feel really good about the last month because it’s important to take time for yourself, and I did that.

Binary Income By Software/Signal Service (last 3 months)

In this chart we can see exactly how all the systems performed in the last 3 months. The negative performances are blocking the month, so just keep in mind that’s August hidden in the third column.

The Finish

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August was strong but I expect September to be better. The majority of the Binary Today readers are all settling in with the Binary5 software and the feedback has been amazing. I recommend you check out the comments in the Binary5 review to see the compelling conversation, there are already well over 100 comments, so keep them coming!

Thanks for checking out the 23rd edition of my income report and feel free to contact me anytime if you need any help trading binary options. If you are on Facebook, give us a like. Take care, until next time folks.

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