iRobot – Review

iRobotiRobot is a new binary options trading system promising and 85% average win rate. They tell us that their binary option robot is the most accurate and profitable auto trading system in the industry. They believe that their software is a way for traders to start cornering their share of the $4 trillion market.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and fully analyzing the sales page so that you know if this is a worthwhile auto trader.

iRobot Review

The iRobot ( developers use common marketing practices to make their software look impressive, but is there substance to their claims? On the sales page we are told that over 2000 traders use the software, that it provides over 85 daily signals at an 85% win rate and is provided over 17,000 signals to date. These are some incredible numbers but they are almost impossible to believe. This website was registered 4 months ago and the product is being released today. So how is it that this developer claims to have over 2000 clients using the software? There is no proof of these clients, there are no testimonials online and no forum discussion. A product with over 2000 clients would be drawing a lot more attention. I don’t see how these claims are legitimate.


Considering the iRobot is supposed to have provided over 17,000 signals it shouldn’t be hard to find some results right? Wrong. Even though this developer tells us that they have an 85% winning ratio on over 17,000 trades, they don’t even show us one of them. This makes absolutely no sense at all. In order to calculate this winning percentage the developer must have a large statement of trade signals to show us and there’s no reason for them to hide this information. The sales page looks professional and provides more information than other binary developers but large claims without any proof is a recipe for disaster in the binary options market.


I don’t see a reason to recommend the iRobot to any of the binary today readers. The people behind the system did a pretty good job with their sales page but they didn’t back up any of their promotional materials with proof. Historically, developers that use this strategy drain our accounts in less than a month so it’s best that we steer clear. Please let me know what you think about the system by leaving a comment below the article now.

As always, if you truly want to be successful in binary options you need a trusted binary options software that is a promising overnight riches. Please spend some time here at binary today and see what works for me and the rest of the binary options community. I appreciate the time you spend here and hope that you are looking forward to the 5 minute strategy I’m about to release in the next week.


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