Binary Verify

binary-verifyBinary verify is a binary options service built to prove that trading accounts are real for vendors and personal traders. It’s come to my attention that this service has been frequently used by failing products so today we will have to have a conversation about the validity of this service and whether or not we should trust the information they are providing.

Today I will be providing a review and analyzing the effectiveness of this product and coming to a conclusion about its practicality.

Binary Verify Review

The first time we ever came across the binary verify service was with the German binary robot system. Sadly, this binary options product failed miserably and left a lot of people wondering how these accounts could be verified when everyone using the product is losing. Well, in my opinion the binary verify service doesn’t exactly provide enough information. In the example of the German binary robot we can see a pop-up that shows live trades and next to that pop up is a button that says this is a verified trading account. Yet, the button and the live trades section are separate so the verification really isn’t doing anything.

If you look closely at the binary verify information it will tell you when the account was first verified, when the account was last scanned, who owns the account, what website that account is associated with and the initial deposit. The notice something missing here? They never specify the amount of money in the account. To me this just makes the verification solution useless. What’s the point of all this information if they can’t verify how much money is actually in the account today? There is no point. Verification needs to show 2 main things, how much was deposited and then how much is in the account now. It also need to show actual trading results, which it doesn’t.

To conclude my review today I have to say that the binary verify service cannot be trusted as a means of trading results proof. They are simply missing all the main elements from how much money is in the account to the actual trades that have been taken. I feel as if the service has some potential but they shouldn’t be selling anything as is. This is not a worthwhile investment and should be avoided at all costs. If they do more and have this website looking more like my FX book that I will consider changing my conclusion. Please let me know what you think about binary verify and if you think I’ve been too harsh in my final judgment.

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