21 Days To Riches

21-days-to-riches21 days to riches is the latest free binary options trading software on the market. On the sales page for this product the developers claim they have 138 members and those members have made live profits over $138 million combined. This means that each member is already made $1 million, this is far-fetched and hard for me to believe.

Today I will be reviewing this new product and educating the binary today community on how it works and what my expectations are.

21 Days To Riches Review

The 21 days to riches website consists of a short video, an email subscription form and a profits ticker. As I mentioned above, there is a ticker that is supposed to show live updating trade account history. What I find odd about this is that when I was on this website during the weekend the profits were still going up while the markets were closed. I also notice that when I refresh the webpage that the profits return to a starting point and then work their way back up again. If these results were truly live they would never have to reset to a specific starting point. This being said, I find it very hard to believe that the results on this page are legitimate.

Upon entering the 21 days to riches members area it is quite apparent that traders have to register with a binary options broker in order to gain access. While they say that access is free you will have to deposit with a broker so it’s not really free in my eyes. I notice that the developer also uses a bunch of icons so that people trust their website. All of these icons should be clickable and traced back to another website which would prove that it’s secure, this is not the case.

I am not ready to trust Nick Park and his 21 days to riches solution. There are quite a few red flags I pointed out during my review and unless Nick writes me some sort of explanation it’s going to be hard for me to ever recommend his binary options software. I hope that my review helped you make the right decision when it comes to this product. Now is the time for you to write your comments and experiences with this trading system. Thank you for coming to binary today and please spend more time reading my content and getting to know the readers better.

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