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auto bet engineAuto bet engine is another free binary options software. The developers of this strategy claim that it made them over $32,000 and that if you activate a free trial license today you will be able to generate over $12,000 over the next three months. We’ve all heard sales pitches like these before, is this one any different?

Today I will be providing a review and answering that very question, so stay tuned.

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Auto Bet Engine Review

Just like many of the other free binary options systems the auto bet engine gives two options to sign up. You can pay over $1,000 a month or you can use it free for 90 days. They are trying to show that their product is valuable by putting this high price tag on it when in fact you actually can’t purchase it at all. When you try to purchase it you are just directed to the 90 day trial. Only a crazy person would actually pay that type of money for something as unproven as this anyways.

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The team behind the auto bet engine tell us they have an 83.4% strike rate. Sadly, there are no actual results anywhere to be found on this page to back up those claims. The developer Graham Ellis seems to have all the time in the world in his video as he explains a full story about he used to bet sports and horses but was never successful. Yet, he can’t seem to find the time to put together any real discussion about the product or any viable statistics with proof. It is very difficult to get involved with a trading software based solely on a story. It’s like buying a car without even seeing a picture of it.

Today I will not be recommending the auto bet engine for the obvious reasons I mentioned above. There is nothing new or enticing on this site that leads me to believe that Graham Ellis is any different than any other of the free binary pushers in this market. If you have something you would like to add to this review I would appreciate hearing from you. Please spend some time on Binary Today going over the materials I have available and I hope we can get you on the winning track.

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