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Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by John Kane


Auto Bet Engine

auto bet engineAuto bet engine is another free binary options software. The developers of this strategy claim that it made them over $32,000 and that if you activate a free trial license today you will be able to generate over $12,000 over the next three months. We’ve all heard sales pitches like these before, is this one any different?

Today I will be providing a review and answering that very question, so stay tuned.

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Auto Bet Engine Review

Just like many of the other free binary options systems the auto bet engine gives two options to sign up. You can pay over $1,000 a month or you can use it free for 90 days. They are trying to show that their product is valuable by putting this high price tag on it when in fact you actually can’t purchase it at all. When you try to purchase it you are just directed to the 90 day trial. Only a crazy person would actually pay that type of money for something as unproven as this anyways.

fake timer

The team behind the auto bet engine tell us they have an 83.4% strike rate. Sadly, there are no actual results anywhere to be found on this page to back up those claims. The developer Graham Ellis seems to have all the time in the world in his video as he explains a full story about he used to bet sports and horses but was never successful. Yet, he can’t seem to find the time to put together any real discussion about the product or any viable statistics with proof. It is very difficult to get involved with a trading software based solely on a story. It’s like buying a car without even seeing a picture of it.

Today I will not be recommending the auto bet engine for the obvious reasons I mentioned above. There is nothing new or enticing on this site that leads me to believe that Graham Ellis is any different than any other of the free binary pushers in this market. If you have something you would like to add to this review I would appreciate hearing from you. Please spend some time on Binary Today going over the materials I have available and I hope we can get you on the winning track.

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30 Responses to Auto Bet Engine

  1. Trevor says:

    Just a follow-up on this. I disabled the auto-trading feature of ABE on the second day after losing most of my money. That was back in June. Still had enough left for a couple of trades, so logged into my broker account yesterday to place a couple of manual trades. The remainder of my balance had gone. Two trades places in September… By AutoBetEngine! I double checked and the auto-trading feature was still “disabled”. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any more money deposited or it would’ve ate through every penny of it.

    I think you should emphasise in your copy that this system is clearly a scam. Unless I now change my BinaryBook password, ABE will keep using my money for useless trades.

    P.S. The September trades both lost. Not exactly a surprise.

  2. Darren says:

    Oh and one more thing to tell anyone who thinks differently ask yourself why they run an ‘autobotengine’ to place the trades yet apart form the odd day it only ever puts 10 trades each day on.

    Surely if they though it was that good it would pick them all up.

    BTW none of my trades matched theirs either and I have screen shots for those as well in case anyone tries to tell me any different

  3. Darren says:

    Yep total and utter scam and I’m still waiting for a reply form AB Options as to why they allow a ‘trader’ to use their platform when it is so obvious that they were scammers because yesterday one of their ‘trades’ on Vodaphone showed figures that it didn’t reach during the time span they were supposed to have traded.

    Luckily for me I only lost $55 but then again I haven’t tried to take my funds from RB Options yet so that will be interesting. I have screen shots to prove it and emailed RB Options but so far nothing back.

  4. Trevor says:

    I wish I’d read this before I tried Auto Bet Engine out. Don’t know why I didn’t look for reviews, as it’s normally the first thing I do. Let myself get sucked in to what is obviously a scam. I deposited £250; it was shown as dollars on the ABE deposit page, so that’s also part of the scam. Results so far: 15 trades, won 4, lost 11. Not a single one of my trades appears in the so called “real-time” results page. I have also emailed Graham (obviously a fake name) on a couple of occasions to ask him to explain the discrepancy, but have yet to receive a reply. The trading platform is BinaryBook… My question is, are they also complicit in this?

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I also had the same disappointing experience,but with the wealthy wheat trader as well as the auto profit system.The promotional video they sent tells you that the software makes your money grow,but in less than a few hours I noticed that my money was decreasing.I did not make any profit at all.I will rather take my chance by trading by myself before I will try any other scamming software program.I must say that they sound very convincing.Those people should apply for jobs in the government or politics.Scamming artists are stealing people’s hard earned money.The only way your money grows is by investing it the old fashion way-in the bank.Interest is not much,but at least your money does not disappear.Where do they find the people who supposedly testify on their behalf in the promotional videos?Maybe co-scamming artists?


    list of trades that they say they did yesterday I lost £75 they sat they trade in $$$$$


  7. Trevor Westcott says:

    Complete SCAM they said 29/30
    9/10 day I joined 0/3 £75 loss and they say trades are in $

    Con artists of the worst kind

    You have 1 hour to get in and get set up then I’m going to start packing for the weekend( DONT WONDER ON OUR MONEY!!).

    Its been an awesome week so far with 40 bets and 39 winners!

    Over $1500 profit after last weeks $1400+

    If you want in, get in now.


    You get 90 days of complete free access, all you need is $250 cash to bet with.

    Bet at $50, $25 or even $10 per bet!

    If you don’t make a profit today I will give you your $250 back.

    I will be away from 5pm today though until midday Monday though, but have left Chris in charge of checking the emails again (as I did when I went to the Maldives).


    Enjoy your weekends,

    P.S. If you have already registered, log in here to activate your account:

    (If you can’t find your details just Register Again).

  8. bill rose says:

    I have just read your review re. auto bet engine.and the comments by your readers. My experience is exactly the same as most of your readers. 28 trades, 9 winners but 17 losers. There is now nothing left in my Binary Book account. Like your readers I do not receive a reply from Graham Ellis.
    Do Not Touch This With A Barge Pole.

    • John Kane says:

      Thanks for the update Bill.

    • Anton says:

      Yes exactly the same scenario. I lost all my money as well and now I can’t get a reply from this Graham guy. I don’t understand when I look at the livestatement it look’s so good but still I lost my money. So I advise other people to stay well clear

  9. Graham says:

    I am very grateful to this as I had never considered trading before seeing this. I looked at the phoney trades but thought this could be a good thing so I did some googling found this site.
    I purchased Binary Brain Wave and making small trades of £10 each soon racked up nice profit. Using Boss capital as broker as recommended not made a withdrawal yet but service so far excellent.
    Many thanks John and everybody else here.

  10. malcolm says:

    I have enrolled in to the bet engine and within a week I had 33 trades, had a few winners to start and then BANG 11 LOSING TRADES IN A ROW AND ALL MY 25OEURO gone down the swanny, and to make things worse it flashes a reminder that more funds are needed to carry on trading. yeh I wish. Some of my trades were so obviously bad right from the start.with a put bid
    and the trade losing 50% in value. My 3 year old grand daughter could probably predict and get a better result.

  11. Steve says:

    Thanks for this very enlightening information. I got the pilicitu email and it sounded absolutely amazing. I am a terminally I’ll person who cannot work but in the past I have done a little buying and selling of shares and did ok. This looked like just what I needed. Make a small investment and let the money train start to roll. Making money even when I was having my chemotherapy, what a bonus!!!! What a bag of BS!!!
    I got so close to parting with the $250 dollars I cannot even believe myself, what a plonker!!
    It was only by checking out actual trades against published trades that it became apparent someone was telling PORKIES!!
    the info I got from you confired even more this was not right, people could not get their money back, win, loose or draw you will never see your hard earned money again!!!
    I’m sick and my money is very tight. All I wanted was to have a little interest that I could do at my laptop in bed and help with a few dollars a month just so my wife did not have to work so hard. What s——s !!
    This reminded me of a similar operation back in the 80s on short price horse racing winners!! Promis to double your investment in 2 weeks. £250 first input then you were encouraged to double up ect. I tried it, it worked and I drew out £250 and left £250 winnings only in. It worked once more and by this time peoe who knew I stuccoed the horsey game were asking me about it. I said what had happened for me , but that I would only be betting the services money now and would take out another £250 before I did that. I said they should wait at least another 4 to 6 weeks and I would give them more info. AnywY most did not listen to anything I had said , they went steaming in with £500 and £1000 banks , which seemed a lit to me in the 80s. It all went belly up. I got no more money some of my friends got some of their money back but the majority lost it all!!!!

  12. Sue says:

    After 3 weeks of trades I have not made any profit. Most days there’s 4 trades – 2 wins and 2 losses which actually mean a loss of balance to me. Graham Ellis talks of people withdrawing winnings to go on holiday — I’m still waiting!!

  13. Russ Turner says:

    Thank you for saving me from making a very expensive mistake

  14. Robert Day says:

    I have been trying all week for a review on this as I have been bombarded with emails
    from various people saying this is the cats whiskers. Being an old hand at betting gambling
    call it want you like I always try to find as much info as possible and at first glance take the attitude if it sounds too good to true then leave it alone. I realize that we can’t mistrust all
    people all of the time and it’s a shame that the good get tared with the bad but I can only
    say that’s the way the betting world is and I’me sorry to hear you all got caught.
    Don’t despair though their are some good systems out there just keep looking.
    Yours Bob.

  15. azza says:

    HI there I saw this and signed up using binary book broker made £500 deposits by mistake stupidly pressed button on phone twice, I’ve since contacted them asking for a withdrawal which states take 2 days on there site, its been nearly 2 weeks they have closed my account but not returned my money.
    I’ve tried to contact them and graham Elis but my emails just got bounced back cannot get any type of response STAY CLEAR PEOPLE COMPLETE SCAM

  16. Wouter says:

    All fake indeed. Emailed them many times and got responses too, also confronted them that it’s all a big scam, they replied it’s not and just bad luck. The software is so called running in safe mode, that’s why the picks from the bot is different to the results on the love statement page. Nothing but a scam, including AAoptions broker! Withdraw still pending and the online support doesn’t help at all. Should’ve known better, will try to get my credit card company get the money back because of scam..

  17. David says:

    Total scam including the broker, imperial options! In the video this fraudster graham claims you can make untold thousands but in reality the software is a waste of space. In one week it carried out 4 trades with 2 wins and 2 losses yet it made a loss in my account. Emailed this idiot about why there were so few trades taking place contrary to the bullshit he’s been peddling aroumd, guess what? No replies to my emails, zilch! What a scumbag! Also he claims in the video, you can trade with as little as $5 and if you don’tike what you see, simply withdraw your funds but it gets even worse. Once you’ve made the initial deposit with the broker of £250, the minimum trade amount is actually £25 and withdrawing the money is near impossible as I’m finding out. Once I’ve put in a request to withdraw on the broker’s site and the request is successful at the time but the next day it is cancelled by the broker. I then phone the broker about this and get told I must trade the same amount as my initial deposit in order to withdraw so as the useless auto bet engine is not acing any trades, I do them manually myself until I reach the trade limit to withdraw. I now put in another request to withdraw and one again, low and behold, request gets cancelled by the broker, I am now Fuming and start to think the worst as the broker is not answering calls or replying to my emails. My suspicions are confirmed once I start googling the company and find out that this is scam company! Does anybody know which official body I can contact to report these scumbags? Total scam both the auto bet engine and the broker, AVOID at all costs!!!!

  18. PM says:

    I had a similar experience and when I queried my results vs those shown on the site was told there’s a safe operating mode initially and when the bank is doubled the “standard” trades kick in. The interesting thing is that the published trades are loaded in real time so you can track how they do. I’m still waiting for a response to my questions.

  19. Anthony says:

    I opened an account with AAOptions yesterday through Autobetengine. Four trades were taken during the day, all lost. Tried the support e-mail to Autobetengine, my mail just got bounced back. Contrary to your review when I asked for past results I was directed to a live page which showed all trades, wins and losses, since January 6th and any current open trade, which was impressive.

    I have, for the moment, logged out of my AAOptions account and am hoping, perhaps vainly, for some response from Graham Ellis, who was very helpful in answering my queries before I made my deposit.

    • John Kane says:

      Ouch, I don’t want to say told you so Anthony but my review spelled it out pretty clear.

    • PM says:

      Hi Anthony
      I’d be interested if you can post details of the trade and times placed and I’ll let you know if they tally with mine?

    • Andrew says:


      I’ve been watching the ‘live’ trades .. seems when there is a losing trade their closing price gets tweaked to be a ‘winner’ but you can see this because these prices have 6 decimal places.

      Example today a Vodafone Put 224.8 Expired 11:30 …. closed allegedly at 222.342936 … in reality the price at expiry was 224.925.. Vodafone has been above 222.34 since 07:30.

      @John Kane … thanks for review too.


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