650 System

650-system650 system is a new binary options product that supposed to make traders $650 every 2 days. The developers of this software are telling the community that they are so confident in their software that they’ll refund any losses up to $100. I’ve heard promises like these in the past and they’ve never been followed through, so I suggest you take that with a grain of salt.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if this software truly has what it takes to make $650 every 2 days.

650 System Review

The 650 system website may look familiar to you because the Intellitraders development group has put together many different websites that provide signals and they all have a very similar layout. I received an email from one of the binary today readers asked me that I take a closer look at the system is quite surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. The website consists of a YouTube video and an email subscription form. The video is called guaranteed trading profits by trade per day which is another one of their systems. It looks like they are using the exact same video to promote separate products, I’m not sure how this works or why they believe this content is relevant in between the different platforms.

The video leaves me wanting much more. This video was created in 2011 and doesn’t really give the necessary details about the 650 system that I require. It is interesting that this development team has been in this market for such a long period of time without ever getting on my radar. That’s probably not a good thing because most products in this market that have success are kept secret. The only thing we know about this system is that the developers claim that it’s a very good and that they provide an essential scanning software to identify the best trading setups.

At this point there is not enough information for me to make a valid conclusion about the 650 system. I am not overly optimistic about the software because there are no trade results and no user reviews online. I’m hoping that by writing this review people who have use the software will come to binary today and leave their opinions. Thanks for reading the review and please leave your comment below so I can start gathering more information about the software to help the traders here at binary today.

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