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onassis-allianceOnassis Alliance is a new binary options software claiming to make traders $625 per day using a free auto trading application. The creator is Jed Onassis and he promises that his software will make traders $7,500 a day for the rest of their lives and no experiences is required.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the binary options public understand if this is a dream or a nightmare. As always, I am here to protect the readers of Binary Today and help them make the right decisions.

Onassis Alliance Review

The Onassis Alliance sales page is just like any other binary options system that we’ve seen over the past 6 months. There’s a YouTube video, an email subscription form, some testimonials and trading results.

The testimonials are really basic, they don’t go into any detail at all. We see 3 faded images with quotes like “I made $685 in my first hour” or “this money maker is just what I needed!” They never mention the product by name and all of their identities are kept secret. This really doesn’t give me any confidence in the system. I can’t verify any of the identities of these people or fact check any of the claims because they are all hidden.

Onassis Video Review

Jed Onassis

jed-onassisWhat’s really been telling recently with other product released like the Onassis Alliance is the fake backstories and identities. It seems like every single sales video comes with a slimy actor pretending to be someone who doesn’t exist.

In this case, Jed Onassis is played by an actor, and he doesn’t exist.

If you do a quick Google Search for Jed Onassis Binary Options you will come up with nothing in the search results. Considering Jed is the entire backbone of the sales pitch, it’s pretty important that he is who he says he is. I’m not interested in buying a binary options software from someone who isn’t even a binary options trader. Jed tells us that he’s “able to predict by fractions of a second, the way in which specific assets are going to move in the world markets” but I don’t believe him.

Trading Results

Considering the Onassis Alliance is a binary options trading product you would expect to see some extensive trading results right? Wrong.


The closest thing we get to results are this small section at the bottom of the website labeled “live profits in the last 24 hours.” Yet, they don’t give us the prices for any of the trades or the expiry times. They also don’t tell us the time zone in which they are operating so there is no way we could ever verify the trades. I’m sure they do this because the trades are just made up from thin air.


There is nothing that suggests to me that Onassis Alliance is anything more than a get rich quick scheme. They don’t provide us with results. They don’t tell us anything about the strategy. They don’t tell us the truth about who created the system and the website is full of lies.

Don’t get caught up in a scheme like this. Check out a real binary options trading strategy in Binary5. This system is being used by hundreds of my readers on a daily basis to win trades and grow their accounts respectfully. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment.

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