Guaranteed Profits

guaranteed profitsGuaranteed profits is another free binary options trading system. This developer claims that traders can make nearly $15,000 a day in just minutes using this new software.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this new software( and letting you know my full thoughts.

Guaranteed Profits Review

The guaranteed profits website is just like any of the others with an email subscription form and a video. This videos may be one of the most annoying videos that I’ve ever seen in the binary options market. This developer claims that he’s made millions of dollars and shows us all these account balances and then has the nerve to tell us that the other developers showing us screenshots are just faking them with Photoshop.

After telling us all this the guaranteed profits story seems exactly just like the other ones how this developer stumbled into a loophole that he can tell us exactly how it happened. He shows us a couple of trades and says this is how it works but doesn’t show us the strategy whatsoever. Just to be share that this software is any different than the others I went into the members area and see the same process as all the others. Traders have to sign up to the broker account and they only have three minutes to do so but if you refresh the page you get that three minutes back.

Today I will not be recommending guaranteed profits because it looks like a total sham. The guy in the sales video really bothers me comes across like a total snake oil salesman. As soon as you get into the members area they are selling the dream again about freedom, trips and money. They are doing whatever they can to make sure that you sign up to the broker and I know that it’s not worth it. Make sure that you avoid this software and at the other free binary system like this at all costs.


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