Killer Trading

killer-tradingKiller Trading is a binary options and Forex educational program with many different features going for $100 a month. The developers of this software are pushing this system towards failed internet marketers. I feel as though they should be marketing this system to binary options and Forex traders, that would make more sense.

Today I’ll be providing a review that delves into the intricacies of this product and informs the binary today community of which direction to take.

Killer Trading Review

The killer trading product is being advertised as the simplest way to create a sustainable income online without ever having to talk to a single person. The people behind the system claim to provide training from Tuesday to Thursday with a senior financial analyst in market expert Mike Roberts. I’ve not had a lot of success finding Mike online but I did come across a Michael Roberts Associates independent wealth management website so maybe this is the same guy.

The killer trading training sessions are based on student skill level so traders can get involved and not have to worry about prior knowledge and experience. The more I look at this product the more I realize that it’s a binary options educational system. They have live training sessions, and e-book library, an archive of all past training sessions and advanced training (this is not described in detail). The developers of this educational program also tell us that there will be one-on-one training sessions with their financial analyst on an hourly basis. I don’t believe that this is something that will be included, I believe there will be an extra charge for that service.

Today I won’t be giving my final analysis of the killer trading product because I’ve yet to try it. I think they have a strong approach but I would like to see more community reaction and actual results before getting involved with the service. I sent them an email and requested more information on their analyst because this is a binary training program and I would like to be sure that the trainer has a strong enough understanding of the markets. If you have something you’d like to contribute to this review please leave your thoughts and questions below the article now.

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