Stay Away From Revenge Profits

Today we are looking at a new binary options product that goes by the name Revenge Profits. According to the sales page “one financial institution’s secret will change your life forever.” We are unsure who the developers of this product are but they can be reached at

The initial response doesn’t look good but we will still provide a review to understand if there is any value to this product.

Revenge Profits Review

Sadly, Revenge Profits uses just about every bad marketing trick in the book to try and deceive traders and inflate the public perception of the product. Let’s start with the “total trade volume” number on the left hand side of the page. Here, we are told that this product has accumulated over $28 million for it’s clients and over $1.5 million has already been withdrawn from the recommended brokers. We could not verify which brokers they are trying to promote with this offer because upon entering the members area, we are faced with a blank screen.

The bottom line is, the product has not made over $28 million, this is a lie.

No broker would allow for a system to siphon millions of dollars from them using an automated system that they approve of. The product just hit the market, and they would need thousands of clients. They probably have under 15 clients, seriously.

Social Network Testimonials

The use of fake social network testimonials is one of the biggest mistakes products like Revenge Profits make. With Facebook they could potentially fool us because it’s harder to find profiles, but not with Twitter. Twitter is a fully public social network, and that’s the point. So, when the developers of RP tell show us tweets directed @revengeprofits we can check to see if they are real.

First of all, @revengeprofits doesn’t even exist. So people are tweeting at an account that isn’t even there? That doesn’t make sense.

Then, almost all of the accounts tweeting don’t exist or don’t show the tweets that they made. Sure, the tweet could be deleted but why would every single testimonial delete their tweet? They wouldn’t.


There are way more issues with the Revenge Profits software but we aren’t even going to bother getting into them. The developers here are clearly affiliate marketers trying to make a quick buck. They are not traders and you should never buy products, or take advice from people who don’t trade. If you can’t trade, then you can’t make trading products. That’s a fact.

Please leave your thoughts on this product below the article. We hope that we can get some community response but it’s unlikely that we will. Products like these are a dime a dozen and nobody really uses them.

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