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Yes, it’s here, Binary IQ is here and we can’t be more excited or proud to unveil a trading strategy that utilizes the most intricate complexities of the market to provide DOMINANT TRADING SIGNALS.

This personal trading strategy has been in the Binary Today family for three years. Now, in order to renew faith in binary options we are providing access to a trend-following strategy that offers wins by landslide margins.

Don’t keep sweating your trades to the last second. Use signals that will have you in a winning trade from start to finish.

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Binary IQ Review

The Binary IQ software has everything you need to be successful. Trading isn’t easy but with BIQ you will receive pinpoint signals in every trading session, that will tell you exactly what to do. These signals are perfect for traders who want to trade just a couple hours a day as a hobby, and even more serious traders that want to trade as a primary income source.

Here are some important details:

  • Signals for both 5 minute and 30 minute expiry times.
  • Perfect for new traders and veterans alike.
  • Works with any binary options broker, in any country.
  • Signals provided 24 hours a day.
  • Utilizes a trend-following strategy.
  • Works on all assets.
  • Guaranteed to grow your binary trading accounts.

The Strategy

It’s obvious that the Binary IQ is developed by real traders because the strategy is broken down in some detail.

The BIQ disseminates dominant signals with a unique trend following strategy. The strategy takes advantage of confirmation bias and herding as a means to recognize trends. The strategy is based on the technical analysis of market prices, and will always look to provide stable entries. Instead of trying to anticipate reversals or breakouts, the signals respond to these opportunities when they arrive. This ensures that there is no guess work and that every single signal is following the strategy properly.

To simplify, please review the image on the right hand side of the page which shows the entry, and expiry point of a normal trade.

Rapid Delivery

Signals are sent to your MT4, E-mail, or Phone exactly when Binary IQ notices an opportunity.

The trade will provide all the pertinent details. It well tell you when to enter, what asset to trade, and the exact expiry time (5 minute or 30 minute).

It’s not possible to get confused, or take the wrong trade, because the process is simple and straight forward.

Personal Trading Results

See exactly how effective these signals have been for John Kane by viewing the last 6 month winning percentage here.

[chart id=”12″]

Verified Trading Results

The Binary IQ signals developers are so far ahead of the market in every single way. Look no further than the detailed analysis of the trading strategy using backtesting, forward testing and live trading. Here’s a list of the detailed data provided:

  • Winning percentage by pair
  • Winning percentage by month
  • Winning percentage by year
  • Live trading results (updated daily)

Each test is completed using all the latest technologies provided to ensure that every result is accurate to 99.9%.


You don’t have to go it alone in the binary options market any longer. Take advantage of laser accurate trading signals and grow your account at a rate you’ve always hoped. You deserve to win more trades, so join the Binary Today readers and take your trading to the next level.

As promised, we are providing a 15% coupon to make this product more accessible to everyone. It won’t take long to earn back the purchase price of the BIQ, but we still believe that everyone deserves this coupon for being patient during the launch.

15% Coupon: BINA-86QY-IQ

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