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Published on June 5th, 2014 | by John Kane


Pro Binary Robot

pro binary robotPro binary robot is yet another free binary options software. I’ve been warning the binary today readers about systems like these for months and I find it is my duty to continue doing so.

Today I will be providing a shorter review that encompasses some of the details provided by the vendor and let’s the binary today readers understand what they need to.

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Pro Binary Robot Review

When you get to the Pro binary robot main page you are immediately faced with the you tube video that claims you can earn from $5000 to $7500 a week trading. The developer of this system claims that it works for all levels of users and even of rookie who’s never traded before can earn real profits. While this concept sounds great, it is likely much harder to achieve than the developer of this software is making it out to be.

In order to gain access to the Pro binary robot traders are forced to sign up with their recommended broker big option, one I’ve never heard of before. After signing up to this broker and depositing funds the developer will then release the software to the customer. There is no real information about the software being presented and there are also no results. It is really hard for me to make an investment decision that any of this extremely important information.

There is also the fact that no free binary options system like the Pro binary robot has provided any profits. Every single free binary options system on the market has failed up until this point. These developers talk about big houses and luxury lifestyles in order to scoop up new customers to provide little in the end.

I will not be recommending the Pro binary robot to any binary today reader. Until these free binary systems start to produce profits I will not be recommending any of them. There is no reason for us to put our foot in the door that is been closed on thousands of feet for us. I hope this review is helpful for you and that you spend some time on binary today and find out what is truly working in binary options.


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I am a full time binary options trader. I was able to leave my job in the last 5 years and dedicate myself to trading fully. I never thought my hobby and passion would make a living for me but I am grateful every day that it has. My main goal now is to communicate with the binary trading community, contribute to different websites and learn from other traders.

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25 Responses to Pro Binary Robot

  1. James says:

    I do not think it is these trading systems it is these brokers you can not trust it is them that rip you off 99% of them

  2. Grace says:

    I lost $250 with pro binary robot. Their broker is Big Option.

  3. Kamal R says:

    I lost lot of money, one after other, every time, I got convinced by fancy recorded video, shows fake accounts shows that they’re making millions, if they’re ,making millions of dollars, why they wanted let others do, in the real world, you have to look both sides. There are lot of scammers out there, every day tons of Binary brokers are popping up. Please don’t loose your hard earned money. I have one advise for all of you, if you have an account with a Binary brokers compare their currency pair rate with dailyfx charts, if the price doesn’t match than they are controlling the trading platforms and whenever they want, they can make you loose. One of the worst Binary brokers IQ Option, they’re real scammers. Good luck.

  4. Akanbi says:

    I wished I was on this website earlier but unfortunately I wasn’t. I could have been saved from the Pro Binary Robot.

    My experience with system was bad. I lost $250 in just 8 days of trading. Stay away folks.

    It is a money losing system. You’ll lose your hard earned money. Bobby Benson and his crew are internet thieves.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Akanbi, really sorry to hear this. Hope you have better luck next time.

      • Akanbi says:

        Thank you John Kane and which binary options signal services or systems can you recommend? Is option Bot 2.0 anything near good?

        Thanks again.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Akanbi, I don’t recommend it. Look at the top rated systems (you can see option bot has not received positive votes here as well).

          • Akanbi says:

            Thank you John for your reply.

            I’ve checked the top rated systems here and I could see that BA and the BBW are the top rated systems however, I want to try the Binary ascend anytime soonest.but I want to be more than sure that the next system am try out will be something that will work out because there are too many dishonest people and scammers in the binary options industry am sorry to say this though. I have been scammed two times with 2 fake systems. First it was with Binary App 810 by John Callaghan and the second was with Pro Binary Robot by Bobby Benson. I keep wondering why a person would choose scamming hard working people out of there hard earned money as a profession since there is lot of money to be made in the Industry by anyone if one learns how to trade the right way.

            As a student struggling to make life easy and improve the quality of life I live, I can not afford to lose the little money I go many times skipping meals to save and lose it in the end in the name of making money with money.


          • John Kane says:

            Hi Akanbi, you can trust the top rated systems because the systems you used I wrote negative reviews about and they are both rated poorly. If you came to this site earlier you never would have used either of those scam systems in the first place.

  5. ROB says:


  6. Freejo says:

    Hello All,

    The purpose of this post is to warn you people regarding the AAOption and Pro Binary Robot. Please find what had happened to my invested amount.

    As instructed by Mike (, I had opened an account on Pro Binary Robot and the broker they had offered was AAOption. When I had invested my money in the AA Options the broker deposited money in an account with some other account ID. So the amount was not reflected in the Pro Binary Robot account due to the mismatch in the account ID.

    Due to this the only option left for me is to withdraw the amount and reinvest it again. When I requested for the withdrawal they told me that the accounts department is off due to the Easter holidays and asked for 2 week time. After that they told me that my initial deposit was made on the 26-03-2015 so I will only be eligible for withdrawal on the 26-04-2015 and they had cancelled my request.

    So I again requested for the withdrawal on 27th April. But on 28th April I started receiving emails regarding the trade execution for 25$ each which I had not done.

    When I tried to login into the account but I was not able to as the system says wrong email ID or password.

    Finally when I logged into the system after resetting the password the system shows my account balance reduced. I had raised this on the online chat and Caroline had attended my query but she had left the chat without giving me the answer.

    So please don’t go for Pro Binary Robot and AAOption.

    I can forward you all mail conversation I had with Mike, Pro Binary Robot and AA Options customer care.

  7. Benedeboi says:

    It is fraud.
    It’s fake.

    I lost 250 USD

    Pro Binary Robot Total Trades = 24

    14 LOST

    10 WON

    • Stephen Riley says:

      Hi Benedeboi

      If you dont mind me asking when did you become a member of PBR because on its website they announced quite some time ago that they were not accepting any new members after 200.

      Regards, Steven Riley

  8. Richard L. Hardison says:

    I’ve dealt with Big Option when I signed up with Simon Crain’s Signal service. I went with Crain before finding this site. Anywayz, I closed my account at Big Option and they were quite cooperative and gave me no trouble at all.

  9. Tim says:

    Kute, I had exactly the same problem with “interactive options” they just refused to release my funds even though they said they would be doing so. After many unreturned emails I went to my credit card bank and had them reimburse my funds. I assume the then went after interactive options and I bet they paid up nice and quick when they were dealing with a major banking institution and not jus one person.

    I suggest you do the same or you will be waiting a long time for your money.

  10. rezene says:

    watch out of Lbinary broker I funded my account with $500 it took one second and when i need to withdrawal, they make me pleading for my money after 9 time chat and phone false promises finally they approve it after 20 days. The fund is not net in my cord. i hope their game is over.

  11. Kute says:

    Please what is your take about “”? And i want you to list interactiveoption as a scam broker i funded my account with $250 when they started calling me to increase it i felt suspicious and when i immediately placed a withdrawal it has been pending since 2weeks and they have refused to chat with me again.

  12. Pourash says:

    I have already opened an auto quick income account and in last two days it has taken two trade and both were losses. We cant say anything now but i am going to try for this week and see how it goes. Will leave the review later or end of this week.

    Now i saw pro binary robot and dont know wat this is like?

    • John Kane says:

      Read the review. We told people to stay away from auto quick income or any system like that. Sorry that you got caught.

  13. Jeff says:

    I want to post in agreement with you on this. I put a small amount of cash into a binary options system called wealthy trader and even though the trades on the system showed either a slight profit or breakeven, the account just kept decreasing in balance. I truly believe all these binary options systems are all scams. I want others to know that they should stay away from these automated binary options systems.


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