Retailed Profits Is NOT The Answer

Today I’m looking at another brand-new binary options application promising a 92% success rate, Retailed Profits. The product is produced by Simon Moore, who promises the traders can earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis thanks to eBay shopping. Like most other binary options systems, you will be required to deposit money with a brokerage in order to gain your “free” access.

There is neither an address for the company, nor a way to get in touch with the developers if you require support. This is a clear red flag, and there are more to come.

Retailed Profits Review

The Retailed Profits website consists of a brief YouTube video, an email subscription form and a few timers and scripts that can’t be relied upon.

The concept behind the system is flawed. Simon tells us that his software uses a unique algorithm that is connected directly to the eBay user database. In doing so, the software will monitor the spending habits of eBay clients and use this data to determine market trends. First of all, this is illegal and unproven. If you break down what Simon is telling us, he’s essentially saying that he has a software that’s accessing the secure data of private citizens, that’s illegal.

Secondly, the spending habits of people on eBay aren’t going to shift the marketplace to a point where currency trends can be predicted. The thought is absolutely asinine. Anyone who knows anything about the markets, knows that it takes much more than millions of dollars in transactions to impact currency price. Especially, because eBay is a global company and purchases are being made from around the world in different currencies.

Marketing Tactics

There’s quite a few enjoying marketing tactics on the Retailed Profits sales page. Simon uses timers that claim the software is about to be pulled off of the market, but if you refresh the website the timer to start over. Then, you have assurances that this website is protected by Comodo, and has a RapidSSL certificate, but it doesn’t. All you have to do is click at the top left the website and it will show you that this website does not have an SSL certificate. Yet, they put these buttons on the website to try and fool us.

They also provide Facebook testimonials from a Facebook page that DOESN’T EXIST.

No investment opportunity should ever be trying to fool you.

Trading Results

The trading results are equally as poor as the rest of the Retailed Profits presentation.

  • James Newman $729,921 in 1 year
  • Janis Gold $4,918 in 1 month
  • Lous Peers $13,829 in 2 months
  • David Cole $1,471 in 3 days

These are the numbers in the ticker at the bottom of the sales page. I don’t believe that any of these numbers are true. To start, the software hasn’t been around for more than a couple of days so no one could have been trading this for an entire year.

Then there’s the fact that they don’t show us any of the results. The developers tell us that people are making money with the service, but aren’t willing to give us trading statements or any type of proof whatsoever.

The promises are also mixed up. Sometimes they will tell us that the software provides 92% winning trades and other times the tell us a 87%. It’s clear to me that this is just a marketing strategy and nothing else.


Don’t sign up with Retailed Profits. This is another automated binary options software that has no trading strategy whatsoever, and will only leave you feeling stupid that you signed up in the first place. Thanks for stopping by my blog here at Binary Today, and feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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