Robot Review: CentoBot

Today we are going to be discussing and analyzing a new binary options robot, CentoBot. This trading software is advertised as the “ultimate money making machine.” It comes with different strategies and is a fully automated solution for trading binary options.

From what we can see the software is tightly associated with the BinaryCent brokerage, and requires a registration and deposit in order for traders to gain access.

CentoBot Review

The first thing we have to point out in our review of the CentoBot, is the real lack of information on the sales page. This is something we’ve pointed out in the past, but binary options systems as a whole have gotten better at providing more information. This is still something that needs to be improved vastly in the marketplace, but in this case there is little to no information at all. While the sales page is very clean and impressive, there is really nothing that suggests or proves that the software is is profitable as we would hope an investment would be in this market.


In looking at the CentoBot platform, we can see that there are many different robots that can be picked from. It looks like each robot is aiming to produce profit between hundred and 110-120%, but there’s no way of actually knowing how successful these robots are without any trading statements being made available.


The sales page really only consists of an image showing the platform, a section that tells you the 3 steps required to gain access and a few pictures of awards they’ve won.

Obviously the award section isn’t very important normally, but considering they haven’t given us anything else to go on, we do have to take a closer look at this. At of the 5 awards there are 3 the draw our attention. The iFX Expo Asia Award 2016, Tech Finance Journal Award 2015 and The Best Binary Robot 2016. Considering this robot is seeing its first action today, it doesn’t make sense why they would have been winning awards in 2016 and 2015 when it didn’t exist.

We sent the developers of CentoBot a request for proof of these awards and we are waiting to here back. Obviously, this isn’t a major issue. Many binary options developers and developers in other markets use fake awards to fill the website and make it seem a little more legitimate than it is. That doesn’t mean that the product is going to fail but we didn’t have anything else to discuss, so we decided to make this part of our review.


Please let us know what you think about the CentoBot software and the BinaryCent brokerage. Do you believe that this is a legitimate investment opportunity, or should we wait for greener pastures? At this point in time, we will be giving the robot a 3 star rating out of 5 until we gather more information. Hopefully the developer gets back to us soon and gives us more details on how this robot trades, the strategy that it employs and anything else that will help us provide more information to the binary options community.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave your personal ratings on any binary options software here.


CentoBot Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 49%
  • Results - 39%
  • Feedback - 61%
  • Support - 84%


Good platform


Little to no proof

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