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Published on May 15th, 2015 | by John Kane


Wealthy Wheat Trader

wealthy-wheat-traderWealthy wheat trader is a new binary options trading strategy focused on the wheat asset. The developers behind the software are telling traders that this system is currently making over $30,000 a week for them. Like usual, they are giving the system away for free if you sign up with their recommended brokerage.

Today I’ll be detailing a review and analysis that goes through all the information gathered on this new product.

Wealthy Wheat Trader Review

The concept of the wealthy wheat trader is unique but it is far from original in the binary options market. Over the past few months I’ve seen many strategies come out the focus on a specific asset. They’ve been apps the focus on oil, gold and even bit coins. Sadly, all of these systems have failed to produce effective results that meet the expectations of the binary today community. I’m not saying that’s going to be the case with this latest product but it starts off on the wrong foot because it’s predecessors have been quite disappointing.

The wealthy wheat trader video starts by giving us a brief explanation about the current technological advances in wheat. The video then moves on to the developer of the system narrating story. He tells us that he’s made millions just on wheat alone any can’t say the same for oil, gold, platinum or cocoa. He then flashes an account with over $66 million that he claims to of May just from wheat trading. Like most systems of this kind it is 100% automated and the narrator tells us that there are no skills or knowledge required to be successful.

I won’t be giving a conclusion on the wealthy wheat trader because the software was just released a couple of hours ago. I would like to revisit this review in a few weeks and see if anybody has actually tested the software successfully or not. At this point in time I’m not overly enthusiastic about what I’m seeing here but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad software. If you something you would like to contribute to this review now would be the time to leave your comments below. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that this review helps you get a better understanding of the wealthy wheat trader.

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5 years ago

First off John, thank you. I find your reviews to be honest and informative.
Second, my two cents on the wealthy wheat trader as well as a caution to all future investors. I believe it to be a scam if not completely misleading in general for one main reason: it does not trade wheat, where as the brokers asssigned do not allow it as a tradeable commodity. However, I have not used it, and have no true certainty on the actual performance. On another note, one easy tell I believe that any binary software is lying on the webaite is to look at the quotes themeselves. Whenever you see a signal reporting a win with far more decimal points than the broker supports, (even in binary and not mt4) I believe this to reflect that the signal is in fact fabricated. I have confirmed this countless times, looking at the very second to second quotes supported from the brokers represented at the time of closing across many many binary software apps. Just something to look into and keep into account.
Thank you all, good luck and happy trading.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Also, if you want to test out binary yourself without losing money, sign up with marketsworld for an unlimited demo account. Whether you choose to join or not, it can help you learn, if not allow you the time needed to potentially develop an authentic and profitable strategy of your own.

Mr. Mana'Rangi VaaTaputoa
Mr. Mana'Rangi VaaTaputoa
5 years ago

Thank you for the words of caution, there has been a few of the bot and promises that the bot will make me a million in a month, but, instead it cobbled up mi money. So thank you for words of caution. Mana,

5 years ago

Hi John, I’m Marquita and I thank you for writing these reviews because they are very helpful. I’m currently working with a binary trading system and I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing!! I’ve invested $750 beginning May 10the. It was supposed to be on autopilot and the way it looked was it could make you $$ in 60 secs. I didn’t know so I made a trade and lost some $$. Then I was hit with all sorts of compliance documents that needed to be filled out. I just want to make $$ without all the hassle and I’m willing to put in time to learn. I know $750 may not be a lot but it is when you don’t have it to spare.

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