Financial Freedom System – Review

financial-freedom-systemFinancial Freedom System ( is a new binary options trading product by William Griffin. Griffin tells us that 45 people are going to get a copy of his software for free and next month it will be sold for $2000. I’ve definitely seen developers make this claim in the past and I’m not surprised that every single time the product is never sold for an exorbitant price the next month. This is just a marketing tactic to make the system seem more important than it is.

Today I’ll be providing a full review and analysis of this software and the developer William Griffin.

Financial Freedom System Review

The Financial Freedom System website does not instill a lot of confidence. The first thing that draws my attention on this website is a daily profit number for the clients of the system. As I’m on the website right now the number is $54,000 earned today by ffsystem clients but I don’t believe this number at all. This daily profit number is clearly a script that is showing an additional $1000 every 30 seconds. There is no way for this to be real because the gains are coming in steadily, which is not how trading works. Also, if you refresh the web-site you will see that the script starts over again at $45,000 and even if you come to the website at the beginning of the day it’s always at $45,000. This is not a good start.


William Griffin

portrait_picWilliam Griffin has absolutely no reputation in the binary options market and in the 10 minute video on the website he never provides his credentials. It’s very hard to trust a binary options developer that has no reputation as a trader or as a product producers the past. I’m much more interested in getting involved with developers who have reputations.

In looking at a few other reviews of the Financial Freedom System I can see the he was originally using a stock photo but once he was called out he changed the image to one that doesn’t show a face. This reaction is not impressive by any means.


The Financial Freedom System testimonials are equally as disappointing. Each one of the images being used for the testimonials have all been stolen from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.


With this type of deceptive marketing being prevalent, I see no reason to continue this review.


There is no good reason for you to sign up with the Financial Freedom System by William Griffin. The type of marketing being used by this developer proves to me that he knows nothing about binary options trading. The entire goal of this website is to trick you into thinking that this is a profitable product when it actually has nothing to offer at all.

Today I’ll be putting together my latest income report, so please feel free to check that out to see what’s working in binary options in 2016. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

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