Profit Multiplier

profit-multiplierProfit multiplier is a new binary options product that claims to be making nearly $20,000 on complete autopilot. The developers of this software are telling traders that only 250 people are going to get access to this video. I’m not sure how they regulate this considering I’ve received multiple emails from different affiliates pushing me to this website.

Today I’ll be providing an in-depth review so the binary today readers understand the risks and benefits associated with this new trading software.

Profit Multiplier Review

The profit multiplier website consists of 3 testimonials, a binary options video and an email subscription form that tries to lock traders into a free download. On the right-hand side of the page there is a title that says confirm your invitation now and there is a counter under this that is ticking down seconds until there are no more autopilot spots available. From my tests I notice that if I refresh the webpage or I enter my email and click free download after the timer hits zero seconds I’m still able to access the software. Either this is a lie or they didn’t coded properly, either way that doesn’t put my mind at ease.

Like many binary options products in this market the profit multiplier uses the free model. This means the developers of the software will give you the software for free as long as you register with their broker and deposit $300. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing free about that at all. This is an easy method for these product developers to take advantage of the market. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening in this case but it’s something we have to be conscious of.

Today I can’t give a final conclusion about the profit multiplier because just came out today so I haven’t had a chance to test it. I’m not sure if I will test the software right away, I’ll see if the binary today community wants me to first. If you have something you’d like to contribute to this review please type a message below and submit your comment. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you look around the website and see what else we have to offer here.

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