Domion Effect by Tony Domion Review

domion-effectDomion Effect is a new binary options trading software by Tony Domion. According to the website traders can make over $1800 in 15 minutes of trading guaranteed with this free software. Again, it seems like we are entering too good to be true territory.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system and informing the binary today readers of its trading potential.

Domion Effect Review

My first impression of the Domion Effect and it’s developer isn’t very good. Like most binary options product producers Tony is promising way too much out of the gate. Tony is telling us that his software can make traders $1 million a month guaranteed. This is just too far-fetched to believe. As more and more binary options trading systems hit the market it seems like the developers are trying very hard to outdo each other. If one says their system can make $1000 a day then the next will raise the stakes and promise $3000 a day until we get to astronomical numbers. The goal of these developers is to get you to sign up with their system and it seems as if they’re going to say anything in order to make that happen. The problem is that the loudest voice is the one we shouldn’t be listening to.

The goal of the Domion Effect developer is to get you to sign up with the Max options brokerage. It looks like Tony is using fake testimonials that he purchased off of Fiverr and relying on fabricated news articles to try and win over the public. Too bad for Tony, I am here to expose these disingenuous marketing tactics. I don’t believe that this developer has any real experience in the binary options market. I believe that Tony is an online marketer looking for a new market to approach.

I am not recommending the Domion Effect to the binary today readers because I don’t believe in the product or the developer. Anyone putting out a product that’s willing to fabricate new stories and testimonials isn’t someone that I’m interested in working with. You have to keep in mind binary options is an investment and when you look at it that way I can’t see how you would invest your money with something as risky as this. Please let me know what you think about the software by leaving a comment below the article. I always look forward to hearing from the binary options public so please let me know what you think. Thanks for coming to binary today and please feel free to look around the website and see what’s working for real binary options traders.

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