Gold Trade Micro System Review

gold-trade-microsystemGold Trade Micro System is a new binary options system developed by Justin Hudson, a man who claims to be a Cambridge Professor.  In doing a quick search on Google I can’t find any information about this developer or any proof that he is who he says he is. Considering he says he’s a Cambridge Professor, he should have more of an online presence.

Today I will be reviewing this software so that the Binary Today readers understand how to approach it.

Gold Trade Micro System Review

Justin tells us that we can turn a $250 deposit into over $30,000 with the Gold Trade Micro System. He says that he’s worked closely with the mining industry and gold trading investors. Due to these relationships he believes that he’s mastered the economical influences of the price of gold and can provide valuable signals. The co-founder of this system is Garry Cousier, a man with a very odd goatee. He tells us that he’s responsible for “developing the mathematical formula calculating the assets’ value based on the information uploaded to the program from global markets.” Basically what he’s trying to say is that he can predict the future price of gold.

I went to the Gold Trade Micro System page a few days ago when I initially planed on doing the review. Sadly, I’ve been quite busy and writing these reviews has taken a back seat to more important tasks that will better serve the Binary Today community. Yet, when I was on this page a few days ago it said there was only 1 spot available. As I sit here on this web page now it still says that there is one spot left, so the fact that this system is not moving any copies is a red flag. I’ve also discovered that they are using fake testimonials from testimonial actress Sarah Jackson. This is supposed to be a member of their software but it’s actually a person that sells testimonials for five dollars.

I will not be recommending the Gold Trade Micro System to any of the Binary Today readers. I don’t see anything on this website that indicates to me that this is a trustworthy source. I really don’t feel like this is the type of investment we should be spending our time on. If you have something you want to add to the review, please comment now with your thoughts. Thanks for visiting Binary Today.

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