Real Profits Review

real-profitsReal Profits is a new binary options trading software. The team that put the system together claim that it generates over $14,561 per day. They are also advertising the fact that their members have made over 136 million, seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Today I’ll review this software and inform the Binary Today community if it’s a worthwhile investment for us.

Real Profits Review

Like most binary products, the real profits system claims have limited spots available and provides one click profits for 100% automated trading. The software will work on any computer with an internet connection and no experience is necessary. These are common aspects we see with most binary options software, especially those that have aggressive claims. On the site they have a live updating members and profit statistics section, here they tell us that there have been nearly 100,000 trades yet there are only 100 members using the system. Between these 100 members they have combined for over $130 million in profit. While I would like this to be true, this sounds too much like a get rich quick fantasy than a real trading system.

To make sure that the live updating members and profit statistics for the real profits system are real, I’ve decided to open two versions of the website. One version I went on a couple hours ago and then a totally new version so I can see if the updates correlate. Sadly, my findings are quite strange, despite being the exact same website, the profit summary is different, and the live member activity is also different. It’s showing different trades and different faces on each of the websites I have open. This leads me to believe that this is a script that is based on a timer. So if we leave this website, and come back to it, the live member activity will always show the exact same number of trades, faces and in the exact same order. This means that the results are not live, or real.

Today I can’t recommend real profits for all of the reasons I’ve listed below. This does not seem like a trustworthy vendor considering their live member activity section is not live at all. If you have something you want to say, please do so now by writing a comment at the bottom of this review. Thanks for visiting Binary Today and I hope that this page helped you make the right trading decision.

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