ProTrader Elite Review

ProTrader-ElitePro Trader Elite is a new binary options trading product that claims to have a pattern that can potentially make traders $10,000 per month with 93% accuracy. The developers of this system tell us that the most mysterious, destructive stock market pattern of the last 45 years is about to hit us again.

Today I’ll be reviewing this new product and letting the Binary Today readers understand if this developer is just scaring us or if there is truly some sort of destructive crash on the way.

ProTrader Elite Review

The protrader elite strategy is to predict a crash and tell us that they have a way we can all benefit from it. This is a common method used in the marketing of binary options trading systems. The guy from the video is a paid actor. I’ve seen him in conjunction with over three different binary options products now. Each time he has a new name and is telling us about his masterful trading program. The problem is, every single one of these systems he’s promoted has failed. Which leaves us with a sour taste in our mouth. I imagine at some point people are just going to associate this actor with losing and I imagine that’s when we’ll stop seeing him regularly.

The narrator in the protrader elite video tells us that we are approaching a crisis of epic proportions. We are told that while the pattern is effective at predicting large market movements it can also be used daily to make smaller trades. As the video continues we are shown a handful of images that depict what the market look likes at the time of each recession. While this is interesting information and a well weaved story there is never any real hard proof of how this works with daily trades. I feel like they are just tying one thing to another for the sake of making a connection. There is also no provided results so we can’t see if this is actually working for anyone.

At this point in time I can’t recommend the protrader elite software to the binary today readers. While the developer supposedly turned $25,000 into 0ver $800,000 using a specific pattern we are never actually told how this pattern works or shown proof of it’s long term viability. Let me know what you think about this product, the video narrator and whether or not you feel we should be using this strategy daily.

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