Kill Binary

kill binary Kill binary is yet another free binary options trading system. The developers behind this software tell us that their software is totally free and that if you use it you will make profits of at least $1250 a day.

Today I’ll be providing an in-depth review and letting you know whether or not I believe you can truly make over thousand dollars a day with this binary options software.

I give this software a 10% chance of actually being profitable:

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Kill Binary Review

The kill binary website is eerily similar to all of the other free binary options systems in this market. I’m sure you know by now that I really don’t like the systems because I’m a factual person. Sadly, the facts severely damage the reputation of any free binary options system that comes out because all of the systems of this type have cost people time and time again. The marketing for the systems is always the same, just like this website they have an email subscription form and they tell you things like this is free for only the first 50 people, but that’s never true.

The kill binary video starts off with the guy nation David telling us that he changed a trader named Jonathan’s life. The video goes on to show us what we are supposed to believe is Jonathan drive-by and a fancy car. The fancy car has text on it that says thank you kill binary for the trading software but to me it looks like this is superimposed and not actually on the car at all. If you pause the video next radon you’ll notice that it doesn’t look real. Just compare the difference between the writing on the wall behind the car and the writing on the car you’ll notice the writing on the car looks like it’s hanging off. Either way, I don’t trust this vendor.

fake writing

Today I will not be recommending kill binary because it’s another free binary options system and if we’ve learned anything about these type systems it’s that they fail over and over again. I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and impressions on this software so I know I’m not in left field. If you need any help with your own binary options trading I’m always available so look around my website or click ask John to send me a personal email.

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