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moneybotMoneyBot is a binary options robot promising to win 85% of its trades. It looks like this robot has been on the market since September 2015 but he never got a lot of attention. That means this could be a diamond in the rough or just a system that never performed well.

This article will serve as a review for any binary options trader that’s looking to get involved with an automated trading software.

MoneyBot Review

The MoneyBot sales page is overly simplistic. This does seem to be common in the binary options market but I certainly don’t feel it’s the right way of doing things. I know I’m not speaking for just myself when I say that I want specific details and proof before making an investment. In this case, the developers want us to sign up and start investing our money after reading 3 to 4 sentences of information. This is not even close to enough information required by the average trader.

Despite having only a few sentences of information they still find a way to contradict themselves. They promise and 85% winning ratio but then tell us that the MoneyBot software follows traders who make 60% profitable trades. It’s either going to be 60% or 85%, it can’t be both.

Trading Results

Not only is there no information but there’s really no results either. Right at the top of the page there is a headline labeled best trades and they show us three trades. Yet, none of these trades tell us whether they were a buy or a sell or show us the prices. They just tell us that a GOLD trade resulted in a gain of $2187.50. They don’t show us the amount invested, the broker or even an image of the chart.


It’s very clear to me that this developer is not providing us with what we need to make an investment. I can’t trust the binary options developer that won’t spend more than 25 minutes putting together their sales page. If the developers of the MoneyBot software truly believed in it they would provide us with much more than they have.


I don’t recommend the MoneyBot system to any of the Binary Today readers. The developers of the system need to do a much better job putting together their sales page. They want us to register with an unregulated brokerage and make a whole bunch of promises without proving a single fact. It’s no surprise to me that this business never picked up traction in September when it was first released.

I suggest that you take a close look at the Best Binary Options Software page to see what is rated highest and lowest by the Binary Today readers. Here you will find a list of systems with a history of trades, and actual strategies. Let me know if you have anything to add by leaving a comment below.

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