7 Figure Challenge Review

7-figure-challenge7 Figure Challenge is a free binary options trading software. The developers of this system are telling us that we can get paid $10,000 just for being on this page but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of this being true. I don’t see an option anywhere for us to claim these funds.

Today I will provide a brief review so that you know if this system is worth your time.

7 Figure Challenge Review

The 7 Figure Challenge looks to be a a rebrand of the 7 figure club system that I reviewed at the end of July. If you look closely at the website you can see that it actually says 7 figure club at the top of the page which is proof that this is a rebrand. Considering they are selling the same system over again, we can look at the comments for the old system to see if it ever worked for the Binary Today readers. One of my readers Jack M told us that he lost $600 in less than 27 days, that’s bad news and I really don’t see much reason to discuss this system more.

If 7 Figure challenge doesn’t work for my readers then that’s good enough for me. I’m really not a big fan of any of these free based automated systems. I’ve been reviewing them for years and I’ve yet to find one that actually produces consistent winning results. They all make large promises and then fall short. If you see a system that forces you to register with a binary options broker think twice before you sign up. These type of systems are consistently failing and aggressively being pushed on the market. Not one has ever been proven to work and that’s why I recommend signal software, because it gives us more control, and better opportunities.

I won’t be recommending the 7 Figure Challenge to the binary today readers because it’s a rebrand of an old binary product that didn’t perform for my readers. If you ever want any help please send me a personal email by clicking Ask John at the top of the page. I’m the only product reviewer in this market that responds and takes part in meaningful conversation with the binary options public. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope 2016 is a big year for all of us.

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