Binary Review: Genius Profit Initiative

Genius Profit Initiative is a binary options trading software promising to make traders over $5000 a day guaranteed. The creator of the software is professor Benjamin Grant.

Today we will be reviewing this software, discussing the developer and providing a valuable conclusion that informs the binary options community on the best way to move forward.

Genius Profit Initiative Review

It’s immediately quite clear that the Genius Profit Initiative is more of a get rich quick scheme than a reliable binary trading tool. The entire premise of the sales page is that traders can become rich by making thousands of dollars a day with no work or experience. These promises would be extremely appetizing if we haven’t heard them hundreds of times in the past. In fact, the sales page provides us with nothing new or innovative and continues to belittle our intelligence with promises that could only attract very desperate traders. If you are in desperate need of financial growth you should never be trading because there is always risk.

Professor Benjamin Grant

As is usually the case with products like Genius Profit Initiative, the developer is a fictional character. It takes less than 5 minutes to research a character like Benjamin Grant to come to this conclusion. If you do a quick Google search you will find no information on Benjamin except reviews posted in the last few days about this product. Most of which are negative.

Free Stock Photo Testimonials

In order to prove that the Genius Profit Initiative is a worthwhile software the developers rely on testimonials. They claim that a British Woman named Alison Poole earned over $5000 in her first day and is now over $4 million in profit after 4 years of membership. First of all, this software has not been around for 4 years. This software hasn’t even been on the market for 48 hours at that time that I’m writing this review. Secondly, the image used to represent Alison is a free stock image from the Pexels web-site. All 3 of the testimonials use free images from this website. Simply, these testimonials are fake and these people are not real.

GPI Application Analysis

As for the Genius Profit Initiative software, it’s another been there done that scenario. We’ve seen this exact software being used by Wiki Trader and SnapCash Binary. This is just another recycled binary options software that’s already been losing traders their money under different names for months.


Do not register with the Genius Profit Initiative developers unless you are looking to lose your money. This trading product is a clear scam that will only hurt your bottom line. Binary options products like these need to be flushed from the market because they are hurting people and traders on a daily basis. Don’t waste your time and your money chasing after thousands of dollars a day when it’s just not possible.

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