Guaranteed Payouts Review

guaranteed-payoutsGuaranteed Payouts looks like a re-branding of an older product that’s been re-branded multiple times but always keeps the same website design. There were four systems that came before this one and it’s my belief that they are just selling the same product over again.

Today I’ll review this binary options software and inform the trading public of it’s potential.

Guaranteed Payouts Review

The guaranteed payouts product is the latest from a developer that is using the same sales page many times over. Before this product there was guaranteed profits, guaranteed wealth system, guaranteed millionaire and guaranteed outcome. Despite writing reviews for each one of these systems, there have only been three comments from the trading public. This is a low number and it isn’t a good sign. I find that systems that don’t perform up to par don’t generate any buzz. One of the comments on my blog from a Grant Brown is quite discouraging as well. Grant tells us that he lost over $900 and while he was promised a success rate of 94% he never came close to achieving those results.

Another one of my reader’s commented about the guaranteed payouts predecessor telling us they won 10 trades and lost 13. This took Stefan’s account from $250 down to $92 in just one week. This is surely a red flag and it’s something we have to consider when thinking about joining up with this new program. I had one of my readers do a test and you can do this test as well if you like. On the webpage there is a box that says live results and here we see scrolling messages non stop, with traders making huge profits. In order to prove this is not truly live all we have to do is return to this page during the weekend. If the markets are closed and the developer is still showing live results then we know that this is falsified and not truly live. This was the case with the previous products so I believe it will be the case yet again.

I won’t be recommending the guaranteed payouts software to the binary today readers. There are way too many red flags here and the community feed back on this developers previous products has been underwhelming to say the least. If you have anything you would like to mention then please leave a comment about the software at the bottom of this review. I appreciate your time and hope your trading week is starting strong!


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