TrianaSoft Review

TrianaSoftTrianaSoft is a new binary options trading software by Michael Wedmore and David Campbell. According to the website, this system has generated over $43 million for clients in your country. This is a bad first impression because this is a script that is using your IP address and then showing your country’s flag. If I change my IP address to a country with a small population and very little computer access this script would still say that the members have made over $43 million.

Today I’ll be reviewing the software and based on the start I don’t believe it’s going to go well.

TrianaSoft Review

The TrianaSoft webpage is what we’ve grown to expect from the binary options market. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form, a bunch of testimonials and frequently asked questions area. In order to judge the viability of the software I often look at the claims and then measure them up with other elements on the webpage. They tell us that their system is generating over $40 million for its clients which means they must have a lot of clients. However, if you click on the YouTube video you will find that it has only been viewed 81 times. A software with this many clients would have over 1 million views and this isn’t even coming close.

In doing a little research on the TrianaSoft developers I found out that both Michael Wedmore and David Campbell were also involved in the release of the Amissio Formula which never really performed. I’m starting to believe that these 2 are not traders but actually paid actors which is very concerning. Considering this Amissio Formula was only released a couple of weeks ago it doesn’t make sense to me why some of their key developers would already be working on something else. I definitely need some answers.

Today I am not recommending TrianaSoft to any of the binary today readers. There are quite a few red flags that I’ve discussed above and I just can’t see myself closing my eyes and putting blind faith into this product. There’s nothing on this webpage it sets it apart from any other automated binary options system and that’s not a good thing. If you would like to leave a comment or review of your own please do so now. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you spend more time here at binary today learning what really works.

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