Alpha Traders

alpha-tradersAlpha traders is a new binary options software that claims to have provided their clients with nearly 2000 consecutive $1000 profit trading days. They’re trying to suck people in by telling everyone that they can make $1000 every day guaranteed just by creating a free account.

Today I will be analyzing the reliability of this trading software and informing the binary today community of my expectations.

Alpha Traders Review

As we see so often in this market the Alpha traders website consists of an email subscription form and a binary options video. On the bottom right-hand side there is a chat box which is something I haven’t seen on these websites in the past. The chat box looks to be a script, nobody will respond to you and there are just auto generated results saying that a member won X amount of dollars today over and over again. If you refresh the website the conversation in the chat box will start over again which proves to me that there is no actual conversation being had here.

The Alpha traders video starts off by telling traders that their software is only for people who need help and so if you have any success at all turn away. I feel like this is a way for the producers of this system to weed out the smart and skeptical traders and try to take advantage of the weaker more desperate traders. He goes on to tell us that using this Alpha system he was able to take a $250 deposit and turn it into $53,750 in a matter of a few months. These are some pretty aggressive claims but we are used to that in the binary options market.

Today I won’t be providing my final verdict because I haven’t tried of the alpha traders binary software yet. I am obviously quite skeptical about this system because it is another free binary options software. Before I get involved with this product I will require some good comments so that I know people are actually interested. If you have something to contribute please leave your remarks below the article now. I appreciate you coming to the website today and I hope that your visit to binary today has been fruitful.

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