Binary Hijack

binary-hijackBinary hijack is a binary options software that has allegedly made over $10 million by flipping the odds against the bank. The people behind the system are telling traders that they never have to lose money again as long as they watch the video on the front page of this website.

Today I’ll be reviewing the software and letting you know if I believe that this system has the potential to truly make over $10 million.

Binary Hijack Review

The binary hijack website consists of a sales video, a bunch of different email subscription forms and a results box that I’ve seen on multiple websites in the past. The technology for this results box is the exact same I’ve seen in the promotion of many bad binary options systems, systems that never came close to the advertise results. That being said, I have no proof that these are fake results but I certainly have a healthy dose of skepticism. The developers of the system guarantee that the odds will forever remain in the traders favor at no cost for life.

Like most of the binary options systems in this market the binary hijack developers constantly say that the system is free of charge. This is not truly the case because you have to deposit money with their recommended broker in order to get access to the software. As far as I’m concerned, with the minimum amount to deposit being around $200, that makes this software costs that amount. There’s no guarantees that the $200 you invest is going to ever come back to and that’s why I believe the system should be called free.

I won’t be recommending the binary hijack system to the binary today readers right now. Considering the lackluster performance of most free-based binary options trading systems in the past this software has a lot to prove. Some of you may think that I’m being too harsh and that I should be judging the new product based on the history of their predecessors. If that’s the case, go ahead and try the system don’t come back to me and tell me that I was right in being skeptical. If you want to leave comments on this review please give me your opinions. I always want to hear from the readers whether it’s a comment or a personal email from the contact page.

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