Trading Axis Review

trading-axisTrading Axis is a turn key trading system for binary options traders of all skill levels. This strategy is taught to traders in a forum which provides two hours of video tutorials and a walk through so traders know how to set up the system properly and take advantage of the trade alerts.

Today I’ll be reviewing this binary options software for all the Binary Today readers and the greater community.

Trading Axis Review

The idea behind the trading axis software is provide traders with an easy to learn system for trading binary options. We are told that over the past two and a half years this system has evolved into a small community of traders. The system includes rule based trading, a live chat room, one on one coaching, live streaming charts, private forums as well as visual and audio trade alerts. The main focus of the strategy is to take advantage of high probability price reversals. By following the rules of the axis traders will know when to take a trade, and when they should avoid one. From the video on the front page of the website we can see that the system uses a Metatrader 4 indicator to provide the trading signals.

The trading axis software uses a two part system that allows for traders to monitor multiple charts at the same time easily. Like most of the systems I use this indicator will provide you with a pop up box in MT4 that will provide a trade alert. Then, traders are expected to look at the chart and decide whether or not all the rules are met before placing a trade. I do like this type of strategy because it is not automated, so we can play a role in the decision making process. When trading I always like to have some input. I find automated systems will too often miss obvious red flags while placing trades.

At this point in time I can’t recommend the Trading Axis because I have not tested it yet. I will say that their approach looks impressive and that I wouldn’t mind testing it for myself. That being said, I would like to wait for some members of their community to share their experiences with us here at Binary Today. It would also be helpful if we could see some sort of results table so we can see how this software has been performing throughout this two and a half year period. Thanks for coming to the site today and I hope this review helps you gain a better understanding of the axis.

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