Forex Windwaker review: New scam or Reliable investment?

Forex Windwaker is allegedly an automated trading software that the company claims is geared to double the profitability. They claim to have software that will indicate when to sell and buy profitably. Basically, it follows the principle that you sell before the value is about to drop and buy just before the stocks are about to rise. However, because of the uncertainty of forex markets, most people will not know when to buy or sell their sticks.

Forex Windwaker claims to have software that will help you do exactly this. The software allegedly detects when a sale is profitable. Which is something only an experienced investor is able to do. They claim that you could have up to 100 pips per day, which is profitable for any forex trader. It is also achievable, unlike claims from other sites. However, you should not invest in any site before analyzing it in detail, which is what this review aims to do.

Forex Windwaker has come up recently as an online business and was established in early 2020. Because it is so new to the market, there is a lot of speculation as to whether it will be profitable or not. However, before deciding whether it is profitable, let’s look at the legal aspect of this site. The one-page website ( is all we have and we do not know whether it is a registered company or not. They have also not provided information about the software developers, which is crucial as people are often wary of new trading software that comes in the market.

The only way to contact them is through email: Apart from this, they do not provide any contact information such as a phone number or physical address, so you can only hope that your emails will be answered. However, without proper registration information, it becomes very difficult to determine whether the site is qualified or not.

Forex Windwaker Review

When you go onto the Forex Windwaker site, you’ll notice an impressive sales pitch. The site claims to e the best Forex indicator software in 2020. The message is attractive and they go on to show you how much the site will make for you as well as actual screenshots of the software. The strategy is also explained on the same page. You’ll also notice that the site has provided a list of the trading results, which will be discussed later.

The software is advertised for $98. Notice the amount is close to $100 but not the traditional $99. This is quite affordable, but there are indications that the actual price of the software is close to $700. They have an image of Cds and books with the site logo branded on it but it gives little clarity about the face validity of this automated system. In any case, good software will always have a solid strategy, which is crucial for potential investors.


Forex Windwaker is basically an indicator software. They have any option where you can automate your forex trades by connecting it to the software. When there is a chance for a profitable trades, you’ll get a notification as well as an email alert.

This allows traders to trade without having to keep a constant check on the market. However, this strategy does not include information as to how exactly this software can do this, as the Forex market is very volatile. Unless the program is making use of AI technology, there is no logical way that the software can keep up with the latest changes in the markets.


  • Company: Forex Windwaker
  • Product: Forex indicator
  • Price: $98
  • Strategy: automated Forex trading
  • Customer reviews: Not Available
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Launch year: 2020

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Trading Results

The Forex Windwaker site has provided some trading results that indicate its potential profitability. These results seem to be in line with the claims that the company has made in its sales pitch. However, they have not provided any verification of these trades through any third party. Therefore, unless you trust the company completely, there is no way of knowing whether these trading results are authentic or not.

Client Feedback

Although there are many reviews regarding Forex Windwaker, there are few actual customers that have given feedback yet. This is due to the relatively short time which this company has been in the market.


Forex Windwaker is basically offering software that will allegedly improve your Forex trades and they do make bold and impressive statements that may be worth a try. However, we do not know who the developers of this software are and they have provided very little contact information. The trading results that are posted on their site have not yet been verified by any external party. It would help if the company bring in some more transparency.

What we are concluding is that you ought to be a bit cautious when investing and keep in sight of your budget and goals. As the company is relatively new, it is difficult to tell whether it is legitimate or not, but the site definitely lacks crucial information. The company may turn out to be promising one or it may fall short of our expectations as a trader; only time will decide. As for now, there’s a lot of room for open guessing.

Do comment below, if you have something to share with us about this company or have had an experience doing business with them.

~ Happy Trading!

Forex Indicator $98
  • Price - 35%
  • Strategy - 44%
  • Trading Results - 32%
  • Client Feedback - 21%
  • Customer Support - 23%


The one time payment is reasonable
Trading results displayed by this company seem to be promising
They seem to make bold statements and promise reasonable results


No information about developers
Company is fairly new, so there’s still much to anticipate
Trading results seem to be not verified
There’s a lack of customer reviews or client testimonials

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