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copy-the-proCopy the pro is a new binary options software that’s coming from Hollywood. The developers of this software claim to be behind the award-winning A.I App software that was released a few months ago. The only problem here is A.I App never won any awards and if my memory serves me correctly, it performed quite poorly for the binary today readers.

Today I’ll be analyzing this new software and making sure that we take the proper steps in order to ensure success.

Copy The Pro Review

Like many systems in the past the copy the pro system claims to be doing something new, but they aren’t really. For some reason they have the impression that they are the first developers to ever offer a system that’s based on copying the results from a professional trader. This is not the case, there have been hundreds of systems released with this concept in stock trading, Forex and yes even binary options. I’m pretty sure I did a review on one of them just a few days ago, copyop a social network. So it’s not new, but what does that mean for this developer and what should we be focusing on in this review.

Well, one of the main elements we should look at is the history of the copy the pro developers. Last time around they claimed to provide an 80% return on investment in less than an hour. Their website was also full of poorly acted testimonials with people saying that they’ve made $30,000 in just a few months. Their approach seems to be of the same vein this time. The video on the front page is quite unprofessional and I’m really not sure if I’m going to establish any confidence with this vendor.

At this point in time I cannot provide my recommendation for the copy the pro product. I have yet to test the software and so it is very difficult for me to say one way or another if we should get involved. If I’m going by my gut I’ll probably never test the system but in the rare case that I do I will certainly update my review here. If you’re interested in the system or you want to leave your feedback please start by writing a comment below the article now. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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