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Today we are going to provide traders with a detailed review on ARAM Binary Options. This service is advertised as the “#1 live trading room for Forex & binary options.” According to the customer service chat pop up they have 7 daily trading sessions and an average win rate of 78%. They offer a free trial which requires a Skype ID.

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ARAM Binary Options Review

The first thing we notice when scrolling through the ARAM Binary Options website is the statistics. According to this sales page they have sent 93,726 signals at a rate of 14 signals per day with a winning percentage of 78% to 17,138 members. There is no way they have this many members. If they truly had over 17,000 members they would be one of the largest services in the market but they have no reputation at all.

In looking at these numbers further, if you take the amount of signals provided and divide it by the signals per day you get 6,694 days. So, ARAM claims to have provided signals for nearly 7,000 days. Yet, they claim to be in business since 2014 and only registered their website in late 2016 so the math is not adding up.

It’s clear that the developers are only providing the statistics to make the product seem more legitimate, but instead it is having the opposite effect.

Live Trade Results

There is a live trade results section on the ARAM Binary Options website that shows all their signals. Considering they are supposed to have thousands of members and 7 trade sessions a day, it doesn’t make sense why the results section isn’t updated regularly.

The last trade provided was on the 3rd of February. Does this mean that the service is no longer available? Does this mean they are on a long losing streak? There’s no good reason for results to stop being updated. The most likely reasoning is that they have very few clients and they acquire even less, which makes updating results tedious and useless.


Don’t sign up with ARAM Binary Options. It’s quite apparent that the developers have very little interest in their own service at this point. They don’t update the results and all the marketing information is false. They don’t have over 17,000 members, they haven’t  sent out over 93,000 signals and they never will.

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