Binary Review: Success Trading Academy

Today I’m looking at a new binary options product promising traders the opportunity to learn the markets easily from home, Success Trading Academy. The service consists of a “expert coaching call, fast-track training and easy to use signal software.” There is more information on the sales page than the average one, but that doesn’t mean the information isn’t all just fluff.

We are not introduced to the development team, and there is no access to support on the sales page, despite many reviewers saying otherwise. It’s possible you get access to support after purchasing, but this is kind of a backwards way of doing things. We should be able to email or call somebody before we register. This is a bad sign.

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Success Trading Academy Review

Unlike the majority of binary options products, with Success Trading Academy you are not forced to register with a binary options broker. At least not within the first few pages of content. Instead, you are charged a one-time activation fee of $4.95, and then a fee of $37.00 per month thereafter. I get the sneaking suspicion that after paying this $4.95, that you will still be asked to register with their recommended binary options brokerage. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but if it is you can understand why they are doing it. By getting someone to pay $4.95, you already have them invested financially and thus it will be much easier to get them to deposit.

Trading Resources

According to the sales page, the Success Trading Academy comes with 4 different elements they value at more than $1000.

  • Expert Trader Phone Call

We do not know who are behind this service, so we cannot verify whether or not any expert traders are working for this company. If they want to advertise their service aggressively by telling us that they are expert traders, they should be transparent and prove this to the community.

  • Pro Level Signal Software

All we know about this software is that it will help you “decided when to enter and leave trades.” We are told that it’s very advanced, but there are no details about the strategy and there are no trading results anywhere to be found.

  • Expert Training Videos

Currently STA is providing 28 training videos that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. There are no examples of these videos, so we do not know what they look like before purchasing.

  • Trading Expert Webinars

The same goes for the webinars. They do not show us any example webinars, so again you are essentially going on blind. This seems to be the overwhelming concept of the sales page.

Client Feedback

At this point in time, there is no client feedback anywhere else online. The software is brand-new, so hopefully traders will comments here and inform us on whether or not this is a profitable investment opportunity.


I am not recommending the Success Trading Academy service to the community today. While, it does look like there is some promise in this product, there is really no way of knowing without signing up. They do very little in terms of transparency, and hope that we just believe every word they’ve written. When developers are producing signal systems and software, it’s very easy to provide results so it is disconcerting as to why we aren’t seeing those results today.

I also take issue in many of the reviewers promoting the system. Many of the websites promoting STA are clear affiliates that only promote systems they are directly involved with. Be careful with these other reviews. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment or question with your thoughts and experiences.

Success Trading Academy Undisclosed
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 73%
  • Results - 25%
  • Feedback - 67%
  • Support - 89%


Good support
28 training videos


No real proof of usage

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