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Published on July 13th, 2013 | by John Kane


Auto Binary EA

Auto Binary EA is a new binary options software that has caught my attention so I thought I would provide my opinions in this review. This is one of the very automated binary products and I can’t say that I had very much success with the others.

Let me give you a little background on this product and introduce you to what it offers, or claims to offer.

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How Auto Binary EA Works?

So basically you have to install the software after a quick download then you are required to open an account with the broker provided by auto binary ea. The system will be activated as soon as you bonded trading account with $200 or more.

What the vendors trying to do here is provide you with a free system in the hopes that you will deposit money with the broker they have a partnership with. In my experience products that take this angle are usually fairly weak as their only incentive is to get you into the door. Once you have downloaded the software and deposited with their brokerage they really don’t have use for you anymore.
auto binary ea paper

My Auto Binary EA Impressions

Last week I received an email about the auto binary ea software and it was quite disconcerting. The basis of the email was that the trades on the website are not those that you will see on your own account. The trainer claims that he lost his entire account in less than one day.

Now obviously this trader needs to take some responsibility for this and he has but that d
oesn’t mean that he is solely to blame here. This does prove some of the thoughts I was having about this type of software program.

As I get more information on the auto binary EA I will consider adding to this review but at this point in time I am not happy with what I have heard.

Auto Binary EA Conclusion

I think you already know what my final thoughts about the auto binary EA will be. I cannot tell you to purchase the software, I don’t think you should purchase this product.

If you have comments about this system I would love to hear them. So let’s get the ball rolling about auto binary ea and see where we get.


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29 Responses to Auto Binary EA

  1. AUSSIE says:

    Hi John
    Yesterday i was sailing on the web because i was looking for other scam related to the automated trading robot and i found it.
    Its name is QUANTUM CODE.
    Do you know this software?
    I am pretty sure that it is another possible scam.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes

  2. AUSSIE says:

    Hi John
    I am back
    Last time i forgot to ask you something?
    Which fully auto trading systems would you recommend to use in 2017?
    Because i do want try one of the existing systems but i really don’t know which one i have to trust. Almost the 90% of the existing systems are just scam.
    So if you know a good one between those scams please let me know.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes

  3. AUSSIE says:

    Hi guys
    Are you looking for a software that let you only LOSE money? You are lucky today because I’ve got the one that suits you!
    AUTOBINARY EA. The result is guaranteed.
    Please guys don’t let you fool from these stupid softwares. The only real promise that they do is to suck you all the money that you put in their accounts.
    If it wasn’t for my best friend, who is a real trader, i would have done the exact same mistake.
    The network is plenty of scams.
    BE AWARE!!!!!!!

  4. Ubest says:

    Please anyone try mikesautotrader is it working?
    Because a lot of people are recommending the software.

  5. And what’s really screwy about AutobinarEA is that they have three plans you can subscribe to. The basic plan which is $297 per month, the gold plan which is $900+ per month, and the platinum plan which is $1200+ per month. Like do you only get good signals if you have the platinum plan? If all they are giving is trading signals then there should only be one plan. Also, they can’t spell for shit if you read their stuff on their web site. That gives me caution right there.

  6. Patrick Thomas says:

    I just opened an account with Cedar Finance so I could trade the AutobinaryEA software. I deposited $280 with Cedar. I immediately started trading and my account balance went to $91. What I presume is that the software is making signals for one minuted FEDEX pairs. So I starting looking at my MT4 charts and discovered when the software was making a call signal on a pair the candles on the MT4 chart for the FEDEX pair were in a downtrend. Same for a put, The candles were in an uptrend. So I started trading only those signals that agreed with the MT4 charts. As a result, I got my balance up to $296, You cannot blindly trade the signals the software puts out or you’ll get burned. Since I discovered you have to rely on the MT4 charts to make a successful trade, I have no use for this software. I can just trade on my own. Take this as a warning people. DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE WITHOUT VERIFYING THE SIGNAL WITH YOUR MT4 CHARTS.

  7. niagara says:

    I tried this software last week.
    In the demo account, I generated $300 profit in less than 30 minutes.

    Soon, I opened real account and deposited $200.
    What happened?
    During the day I lost almost $100.

    Last Thursday, I closed the account before all my money has been wiped out.

    Be careful, and in my view, there is something in demo account to attrack us. Maybe.

  8. Hoang says:

    This is a reasonable problems? Do not see your good comments about it and it’s not effective, I also had to contribute to this ea binary software for auto trading, this is always possible to lose money in the area of software like this, I feel nervous

  9. joy says:

    Why some people rates this? I think you separate the scam systems from the good ones. So it easy to distinguished. Maybe you change it to TOP Rated Scam Systems.

  10. david says:

    Like others, I tried EA Binaries. Took about a day for my account to go down to about $8.

  11. siga says:

    SCAM!!! Don’t buy, after practice mode end i deposit min amount 200 dollars and less than 8 hours balance was 0$ Okay maybe second shot give me better result and that’s true, balance go to zero more faster…


  12. mac says:

    Thanks for some great honest reviews, imagine if it wasn’t for people like you guys, the web would be a very easy place to scam, your helping to protect the few who are searching for the truth.

    Many Thanks

  13. dee7ven says:


  14. sreenewas says:

    hi to all, i am having a idea, while we are able to see that auto ea bianry is giving 100 percent bad performance , by keeping the same ea can we go in reverse to get profit, means if ea goes for call we have to go for put, and same with put we have to for call, any one can make it into reality and possible to check….

  15. sreenewas says:

    hi i am sreenewas from india , today morning only i started to trade with autoeabinary with cedar by using 500$ now my account is at 300$ so i strongly recommend to not trade with this ea, its very different from real one demo one ………….

  16. Kenny says:

    I downloaded the product yesterday (13th Oct’13) and started it running today in practice mode. My $500 has turned to $684.40 after sixteen winning trades and three losing trades. I have also checked the price action on my MT4 and they do not match that shown on Auto EA.

    However, logic tells me that absolutely no broker is giving away free software that has a >90% chance of taking HIS money….now are they?

    I can only imagine that real mode works in the opposite way of practice mode. Where practice mode is weighted heavily in favour of winning trades, the real mose will be weighted heavily in favour of losing trades.

    Yes, of course a programmer can do that for them. They wnat your cash, whether it be a one off deposit that they will take from you, or whether you are hopeful that the first attempt was just bad luck and try again and again, it is money in the bank for them and as they are unregulated, there is nothing whatsoever you can do about it. You participated willingly.

    I got caught out by TradeRush, another brocker with devious means and no scruples.

    I’m definately not going down the road of real money.

    Beware, these are all SCAMS!

  17. Nish says:

    This is a scam!!!

    I tried 3 times on live accounts and it cleaned me out. Do not get involved. I already opened charges and being investigated!!!

  18. Captain hook says:

    If you do not want to be a victim and lose your money, your money will be reduced to $0.
    I deposit the money with the $ 520 I dropped my money will be reduced to $0.
    It is not profitable as traded on the trial balance, please understand.
    I agree – BUYERS BEWARE

  19. Peter says:

    I also installed this software and traded on the trial balance of $500 and was shown a profit of $280 after approximately 75 trades when I was informed that the trial period was over.I also recorded the screen during this period to see how and where the trades were executed.I checked about 20 of these test trades and found that there were some serious discrepancies between what the screen was showing and what were actually the correct prices( according to a 1 second chart).Where it would show “won” it was in fact “lost”!!!
    I then deposited $200 to see if this was just a small “glitch”, but it took just 12 hours for my deposit to be reduced to $0
    I agree – BUYERS BEWARE

  20. Mickey says:

    Autobinaryea is working directly with one broker claiming 92% successful trades. Please use some common sense folks. Why would any broker that has only one source of income (your deposits) work with a signal software that claims these kind of result?

    There are other websites running the same offer and software. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!

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