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Published on December 18th, 2014 | by John Kane


Mike’s Auto Trader

mike's auto traderMike’s auto trader is a free binary options trading system. These types of systems are usually much maligned on binary today but this developer has a reputation in the binary options community so I can’t just gloss over this opportunity.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know what I think.

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Mike’s Auto Trader Review

Mike runs a website with a handful of broker reviews, strategies and a bunch of YouTube videos. He decided after getting involved in this market to put together his own system, Mike’s auto trader. This is a 100% automated binary options software.

I decided to watch the video on the front page of Mike’s website and he explains how he has the most popular YouTube channel in the binary options market. He also provides us with information about his website and some of the scams that he has helped people avoid. This is something I also do here at binary today and so I’m definitely sympathetic to his cause. After finding out about Mike I am still left wondering about the software itself. I was really hoping that he would get into intricate details of the strategy being used by Mike’s auto trader before I give it the keys to my binary options broker account.

available binary brokers

Unlike other binary options systems like this Mike’s auto trader allows clients to sign up with 7 different brokerage accounts. We know he is not a direct affiliate with just one broker which makes it easier for us to trust him. The 7 brokers are GTOptions, Titantrade, Lbinary, Interactive Option, OneTwoTrade, OptionRally and BigOption. I really prefer to use my own brokerage boss capital because I’ve been with them for a long time now and I have both a trust and comfort level with them. Sadly my brokerage isn’t compatible with his software so I probably won’t be getting involved with it but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

At this point in time I will not be giving Mike’s auto trader my recommendation because I haven’t tried it yet. I really like to hear from some people that use the software successfully. I’ve tried to do quite a bit of research but haven’t been able to any real users that have traded with his auto trading system. I found a few people saying that the signal service you provided in the past was good but nothing about this new service. Please let me know if you use this software and if you do use it show me some of the results you’ve been having so I can better inform the binary today community. Thanks for reading this review today and once I get a better understanding of the system I will let you know if it is worth the investment.

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18 Responses to Mike’s Auto Trader

  1. Sigurd Longardt says:

    Mikes Autotrader is scam!
    Lost about 1,5 month total income very fast!
    On the first view not that bad, because several trades on break even, but then it places rediculous percentages of the account balance. (i.e. it had been left only 220€ and he set 80€ and lost, directly continued with 140€ (!! means 100% of the left account balance!) and loosing again.
    Tried at least twenty times to get an answer from his hotline or even himself.
    NO chance at all!
    (As long as it was about technical stuff, they answered very quick)
    The Broker Interactive Options is quite ok, but they couldn’t do anything, but to shut off finally the Mikes autotrader.

  2. k says:

    stay away from michael freeman he is a first class scammer. have tried his autotrader and lost all my money

  3. Jaco says:

    Hi John, what do you think of the golddigger app. Does it work? What is your experience on this automated system?

  4. Bade says:

    Hi John

    I need your honest opinion on this, tell me what do you think of titan traders, city brokers, UK and zambotrader…

    I’m looking toward hearing from you…


  5. N. L. says:

    If I haven’t already, I will say it again: This guy’s system BLEW my account to SMITHEREENS! I made 0, zilch, NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, watch out for crooks promoting this system like binary watchdog. This is at least the second one he recommended that ended in DISASTER! Stay true John and lead us in right direction


  6. Naoko says:

    Hello, I use Mike auto trade a few days now and I won 9 trade and lost 9 trade.
    I’m not sure if I can continue with Mike auto trade

    Now I just purchased Binary Ascend so I will continue with BA. thanks to this web site.

    I want to become a winning trader without any signals, this is my goal anyway.
    Thanks lot your information.

  7. Russ says:

    Mike has many website’s as fronts for his business. He also operates under many aliases. His software is crap, lost $500.00 very quickly. He’s a racist and rants on his FB group. Very unprofessional or humanly unacceptable as a “leader” of Binary Options Trading. Stay away from him and his groups and he is an unfit trader not to mention a rip off artist.

  8. bartosz P says:

    He is a scam, signals doesnt make any sense 150 euro blown very fast. The signals are sh*t

  9. pete mitchell says:

    Hi John,
    I looked deeper into mikes autotrader through binary and found some pretty bad stuff on mike, his trader and his signals which does not make sense considering he seems to be a go to guy for the newbie trader to learn! The autotrader seems to be a affiliate/broker scam. He makes comission when you open an account with his reccommended brokers. His manual signals seem to win less than 50%! There is a website called EZ signals by Samantha Marvel which is very informative. Turns out it is a front for mike. The girl in the website is a actress. There is another name that has come up on your BBW forum, Preston Vanderbelt. He stated that trading BBW you would break even, You prove that not to be the case! He is on youtube saying that he makes thousands every week with mikes autotrader? I tried to contact him twice asking if mike was a scammer, etc,etc but no reply? maybe mike again. He also owns binary options pimp and watchdog as per binary It seems that greed has got the better of mike/or he is a really bad trader, both. To bad!!!

  10. Soulman says:

    Hi john. I Iost 250 pounds in a few hours using Mike’s auto trader. for the safety of your subscribers I kindly ask you to remove your recommendation of this affiliate marketing scam program. I was hurt because i had thought him to be legit. But I found out the hard way that he was just redirecting the potential traders from other scamers to his own personal scam. If anyone does not believe me I invited you to try it for yourself and come and tell us all about it. John I hope you honour my kind request or if your not convinced try it for yourself and see how quickly you will remove it.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Soulman, I don’t see where I recommend this software. I say that I don’t recommend it because I haven’t tried it yet. Sorry to hear it didn’t go well for you.

  11. Alan says:

    Hey John, decided to do a little research myself and found a pretty scathing report on this guy. You might want to read it some yourself.

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