Gold Digger

gold-diggerGold digger is a new automated Gold trading robot for binary options. The developers claim that their software has made a total profit of over $1.2 million and they are now making it available to the community for free.

Today I’ll be providing review and educating the binary today readers about the software and what it has to offer, if anything.

Gold Digger Review

Like most systems in this market the gold digger robot provides us with a lot of grand promises. They are telling traders that after setting up the software they will be able to make profit within the first 30 minutes guaranteed. I am always overly skeptical about products that make promises like these because to an educated trader these claims are unrealistic, and that’s something we want to stay away from. Another thing I notice with systems like these is logical inconsistency. They claim that their product has made over $1.2 million in profit, but there YouTube video only has 20 views. It doesn’t take a genius to come to the conclusion that his software that actually makes that type of money would be getting a lot more publicity through word-of-mouth.

The developers of the software put large weight into the value of gold in their trading which is why their software is the gold digger. Yet, looking at the results they provide if you were to combine the silver and currencies trading opportunities they would actually outnumber the amount of gold trades available. Like most of these automated systems we can see that they are trading the most dangerous expiry in binary options, 60 second trades. This is another red flag for me.

I won’t be recommending the gold digger to the binary today community. While the website looks flashy, the results look embellished and falsified. I don’t believe that this software is going to be able to achieve what it claims that it can because it’s unrealistic. If there’s something you would like to add to this review please leave your questions and concerns below the article now. I plan on writing a few more reviews today so please stick around binary today to get all the pertinent details. As always, thank you for spending time here at Binary Today and please if you ever need any help send me a personal email by filling out the contact form after clicking Ask John at the top of the page.

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