Professor Andersen

professor-andersenProfessor Andersen is a binary options software supposed to make traders a million dollars in the next 90 days. The developer of the software, Thomas Andersen tells us that he has an app and all traders have to do is register with the binary options broker to gain access to grow their accounts.

Today I’ll be conducting in-depth review and informing the binary today community what approach to take in regards to this software.

Professor Andersen Review

Like most binary options products in this market Professor Andersen tells us that his application is entirely free. This is never the case because traders have to deposit money with the binary options broker in order to gain access. As far as I’m concerned, as soon as money has gone from my account to another account, it’s costing me something. Thomas is telling traders in his 7 minute video that he’s confident traders will make at least $1000 in net profits by the end of the day they sign up. Considering I’m writing this on the weekend the markets are an open is going to be hard to make any money since I can’t make any trades.

The Professor Andersen sales page is very simple. There is a you tube video and an email subscription at the top of the page it says that over 2500 people are currently watching this video. If you click on the you tube button located in the bottom right-hand side of the video it will take you to the actual YouTube page. Here we can see that the video is only generated 9 views which means there are not over 2500 people currently watching this video. I’m not sure why Thomas would like to us about this but it is certainly a red flag.

I won’t be recommending Professor Andersen and his application to the binary today readers. There’s really nothing new on this website or in the video that gives me any confidence in the product whatsoever. If you think I’m wrong or you want to add your opinion please leave a comment or question below the article now. If you ever need any personal health in the binary options market you can always send me an email by clicking Ask John at the top right of the page. I do my best to answer all the emails and comments on the website as fast as possible.

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