The Aussie Method

the-aussie-methodThe Aussie method is a new binary options system developed by Jake Pertu. Jake is telling his potential clients that he provides 100% guarantee that traders will make money with the software. He believes that his completely automated system is an easy way to make millions of dollars in the binary options market.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at Jake, this software and reviewing the viability of this investment.

The Aussie Method Review

Sadly, Jake has an uphill battle to climb considering the Aussie method is a free-based binary options system and in the thousands that were released before him, none have ever been successful. Jake tells us that he’s found a way to make millions of dollars and now he wants to help his parents and family earn millions as well. I’m not sure why he’s giving it to us then because we are not part of this family. He claims that the software so easy use that anybody with no experience can start making money within the next half an hour. I definitely heard this sales pitch before and it’s always closely tied to these not so free binary products.

The Aussie method sales page consists of a video, some email subscription forms and some testimonials. Under the success stories headline we see screenshots of different conversations Jake claims he is had with his clients. In these images Jake is always taking the photo from his phone but for some reason there are different networks. If Jake is from Australia I’m not sure why he would be registered to a British network and an Australian network, I hope this is something he could clear up for me. There is also a live minute by minute social feed but when I go into the social networks I can’t find any of these tweets or Facebook posts, it seems like they are made up.

I cannot recommend the Aussie method at this point in time. While past history plays an obvious role in my decision there are also many red flags scattered across this website. I have the suspicion that Jake’s testimonials are falsified and that is worrisome to me. I have no proof of this but all the evidence I’ve seen so far is pointing in that direction. If you have something you would like to add to my Aussie method review please leave your comments and questions below the article now. I appreciate your thoughts and hope that you have a wonderful weekend taking a few steps away from your binary options trading.

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