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Published on June 20th, 2015 | by John Kane


The Aussie Method

the-aussie-methodThe Aussie method is a new binary options system developed by Jake Pertu. Jake is telling his potential clients that he provides 100% guarantee that traders will make money with the software. He believes that his completely automated system is an easy way to make millions of dollars in the binary options market.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at Jake, this software and reviewing the viability of this investment.

The Aussie Method Review

Sadly, Jake has an uphill battle to climb considering the Aussie method is a free-based binary options system and in the thousands that were released before him, none have ever been successful. Jake tells us that he’s found a way to make millions of dollars and now he wants to help his parents and family earn millions as well. I’m not sure why he’s giving it to us then because we are not part of this family. He claims that the software so easy use that anybody with no experience can start making money within the next half an hour. I definitely heard this sales pitch before and it’s always closely tied to these not so free binary products.

The Aussie method sales page consists of a video, some email subscription forms and some testimonials. Under the success stories headline we see screenshots of different conversations Jake claims he is had with his clients. In these images Jake is always taking the photo from his phone but for some reason there are different networks. If Jake is from Australia I’m not sure why he would be registered to a British network and an Australian network, I hope this is something he could clear up for me. There is also a live minute by minute social feed but when I go into the social networks I can’t find any of these tweets or Facebook posts, it seems like they are made up.

I cannot recommend the Aussie method at this point in time. While past history plays an obvious role in my decision there are also many red flags scattered across this website. I have the suspicion that Jake’s testimonials are falsified and that is worrisome to me. I have no proof of this but all the evidence I’ve seen so far is pointing in that direction. If you have something you would like to add to my Aussie method review please leave your comments and questions below the article now. I appreciate your thoughts and hope that you have a wonderful weekend taking a few steps away from your binary options trading.

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21 Responses to The Aussie Method

  1. MADAN AWASTHI says:

    I have my daughter in Sydney, Australia.Her Name is Kristi Joshi khatiwada.
    I couldn’t get success to hand any dollars in the Binary options ;Specially at Aussie Method.
    Now,Is it possible to meet respected Jake pertu at Sydney and get some real idea to overcome our poverty.
    I have been operated my binary account before 2 years
    but couldn’t get cash without the deep knowledge.
    plz!help her to teach how to cash at hand /real dollars daily from online.
    See you!

  2. diannah says:

    Hi can anyone please tell me if they have been with a binary’s company and really made decent profit please tell me who you went through trying to find out on the net is like trying to find a needle in a hey stack and no body has money to be ripped off thanks

  3. John says:

    hello, John
    I just got an information concerning Michael robins software ‘cheattheodds’ I don’t really know if its authentic…what do you think?

  4. john says:

    Hello Mr.John,
    Am a bite confused, I am not an American neither am I an Australian, I don’t even have a master card, but am really interested in the binary business. actually am a Nigerian, but I don’t know how possible it will be to join this forum without a master card. please I need your assistance and your advise on the particular binary forum to join because I see that their are many of them and don’t know the ones that real and the ones that are scams.

  5. Charles "Buck" Taylor says:

    I want to start trading with the Aussie Method but an afraid. I was scammed to the tune of $800.00 by two other options companies and do not want to have that happen again. Can I make any money, even 1/3rd of what they say in their ads?

    Please reply to my e-mail address above. Please send so it will not go into my spam mail.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day,


  6. chris says:

    has this come across your desk yet-Rock the Stock by cooper belmont claiming fantastic results trading stock via binary options on 60 seconds. Looks a scam to me. a software program specifically for stocks

  7. Brian says:

    Absolute scam lost the $250 real quick did not get the trades as all other live accounts got and and they promise if you dont make $100 grand in a month they will pay you $10,000 well I dont have the promised 10g or any money

  8. Kitty Jellinek says:

    Hi I’m from Australia and I hate to see people use a name like the “Aussie Method” being used to promote what looks like a big scam.
    As for Jake Pertu, why does he show bank reciepts from the “Bank of America” if he is from Australia?

    If there were magic softwares around that could trade on autopilot as described why do the pros use live traders.

    You may well ask how these scammers are making money from their scams – you will find that you have to go through their recommended broker with a minimum fee of $250 to use their software.

    They get a commission from the broker – thats how they make their money.

  9. Pete Leon says:

    I just opened up an trading account with the Aussie Method System three hours ago, and I have not seen any open trades yet on my computer. But in his sales video he said that it would take 30 minutes for the money to start rolling in. IS THIS JUST ONE OF THOSE INTERNET BINARY SCAMS?? If so, how do I seek legal recourse to get my $10,000 promised on the video? PLEASE ADVISE!

  10. Josphat says:

    thanks for this review. I just signed up with the aussie method and it automatically created an account on At this point i cant prove if the system truly works as they promise on the website but like John Kane has pointed out on this article, there are many red flags. One review claims that they made $25k from $300 in four days. REALLY!!! Personally i dont trust any system that promises t0 trade on my behalf and make me a millionaire in a short time. My advice to all new traders or traders struggling to make profit is “learn the fundamentals of trading, how to interpret market movements and news, money management, emotions managements. these are basics if anyone wants to be successful in trading” it doesnt take much to learn these things.

  11. jacques says:

    With how many dollars do I have to fund my account in your system?

  12. shane says:

    Dear SIr, thanks for your review/feedback on Jakes scam pitch….gee whiz i have seen to many of these very slick sites operating…..Jake makes a few critical errors that you may not have noted…….he shows ‘Live trade feeds/results’ that show clear date and time indicators…..with the win loss outcomes etc….the biggest problem with these so called live feeds is that they traded all through the weekend !!!! Now that has to be the biggest red flag i have ever seen on one of these sites… called live training during the closed periods of all international trading rooms!

    I guess the question begs to be asked….when are these guys and the hundreds of other binary marketing scams going to be hit with legal battles? I mean this guy gives a clear verbal contract of a $10k refund/guarantee………..surely like any contract that would be enforceable in any court…

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