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Published on February 8th, 2020 | by John Kane


Indicator Review: The Binary Destroyer

Today I’m looking at a new binary options trading indicator built for the MT4 platform, the Binary Destroyer. According to the sales page, the developers dealt with many binary options signal providers over an extended period of time that more table to deliver the results they were providing. They then felt that they should take their own knowledge and apply it to the markets, and provide traders with a real opportunity.

The creators of The Binary Destroyer Ltd are Jamie Palmer, and Michael Vert. Their offices are located at 259 Welland Park Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9DP. They are a registered company in England and Wales with the registration number of 10856999. To get in touch with either of the developers, or the support team, traders can email [email protected] or call 01858 464024.

The Binary Destroyer Review

Jamie and Michael claims that after around 12 months of consistent profits with their price action-based indicator, they felt it was ready for the marketplace. “The Binary Destroyer is an MT4 template that can be used to trade both Binary and Forex from short term trading to long term trading.” Outside of these statements, there is no other information about the indicator and how it works. I would really like to know what pairs and time frames the system works on, and how they are using price action to provide trading signals.

At this point in time, the sales page does not provide enough information on the software. The developers do have a Facebook channel, and a YouTube channel, but I haven’t seen any real discussion about the strategy in either of these social networks.

Along with the MT4 binary options indicator, the destroyer package also comes with lifetime support, unlimited updates, one-on-one trading, video tutorials and unlimited coaching.


The software is moderately priced, and there are quite a few videos showing how it can work, but most of them are focused on promotion. Hopefully, we can get a little more information about what expiry times and pairs this strategy works best on. I generally don’t like getting involved with the system before I know the type of approach, and the type of signals I’ll be receiving. In the past, I’ve signed up with trading systems to find out that they only work with 60 second trades, and that’s essentially just gambling.

Trading Results

There doesn’t seem to be any trading results on the Binary Destroyer website. Considering the indicator has been on the market for approximately 8 months, I’m surprised that the developers haven’t been able to keep track of their wins and losses. Many of the videos may claims of winning percentages in the 80-95% range, so I’m not sure why there are no results to corroborate these numbers.

Instead of trading results, the developers focus more on member reviews which come in the form of cell phone screenshots of text messages, and messages from Facebook messenger. While some of these reviews are impressive, with traders claiming to win 11 straight trades on their first day of using the indicator, there is nothing that suggests that the system can perform consistently in the long term.

Are only recommend the developers start keeping track of their wins and losses, over an extended period of time so that we can see exactly how the software trades, and then determine from this information if it’s the right system for us.


As is the case with many of my reviews, the Binary Destroyer seems to be lacking in 2 main areas. They do a poor job at explaining the strategy, and don’t provide us with any real verified trading results. That doesn’t mean that this is a scam, or something that should be totally avoided, but it’s clear to me that more information needs to be made available before I can consider signing up. Hopefully, the vendors will provide us with more trading results and information about the strategies moving forward.

Thank you for reading my review, and please leave a comment if you have anything you would like to add.

The Binary Destroyer














  • 11 straight wins


  • No verified proof

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41 Responses to Indicator Review: The Binary Destroyer

  1. Jay says:

    I bought your indicator, binary destroyer, after few weeks it stopped working… Till now my money gone and not seen again…

    • Steve says:

      You want to reach out to their support team as they will help you. I had a couple of issues with the installing process but Jamie connected remotely to my computer and fixed the issue. Don’t worry you just need to know what your doing that’s all.

  2. this is a scam says:

    Jamie Palmer is banned from being a company director… look it up on company’s house website. Also what company asks for payments of goods through western union?

    • Sakis says:

      I used western union payment and it was quick and easy. Support got me joined and activated within a day. I can’t use PayPay so it was easy for me.

  3. jeandre says:


  4. Kolwane Moleleki says:

    Hello John,You are doing great job in your reveiws,I would be glad if you could reveiw Newgen trades who offer two indicators Korvo for binaries and Korex for forex.

  5. Muhammad says:

    I received my copy of the BD 5.0 yesterday and managed 4-0 on my first day 😁 not sure if that is beginners luck or not but it’s a great indicator for sure.

  6. Tashi says:

    I joined the Binary Destroyer Group last month and i would say its worth every penny. I have spent years of floating around indicators and groups but the Binary Destroyer is the only group that have supported me. I struggled at the beginner but Jamie and the Admins have helped me so much with my trading knowledge and i can now say I’m making profits finally 🙂

    100% worth it!

  7. Evi says:

    As Hamilton put it. the indicators are free.
    This means the sellers of BD are doing something wrong, it is a rule in this market to acknowledge the work/source of a product.
    Also it is a requirement to get permission from the original creator before commercializing such products.

    • Nick Harman says:

      I own both the fake BD and the real BD and they are totally different. I wouldnt trust anything that is free off the internet no more. Best to pay for the support and help if you need it. Nick Harman

  8. Mahomed says:

    I just received my copy of the Binary Destroyer 5.0 about a week back and I can tell you it is amazing, it’s newbie friendly, meaning it won’t take you long to pick up on its method and the VIP group is very supportive to new comers, no unrealistic figures here, can get an easy 85% win rate here, because you are trading WITH THE TREND 🙂

  9. Steve harmic says:

    I have learnt alot from the Binary Destroyer and would recommend it to everyone!

  10. Yemi says:

    I just ordered the BD 5.0 two days back. Email sent, FB messages sent, proof of payment sent yet no reply from the admin. I am still waiting to hear from them.

    • Femi says:

      Hello Yemi, just to follow up on your order for the BD 5.0. Did you eventually get it ? how has the experience been ? If it has been delivered to you, i think it is only fair you give the concluding part of the story . cheers

  11. Mpho Kenz says:

    Hi…how do i get in contact with Jamie from the BD. Any contacts u could share

  12. simon says:

    I joined about four months ago and its really helped my trading. Great support and training and the new FX Learning will be a great addition to the group.

  13. marxz says:

    Binary destroyer is free indicator when i know that he kick me out of vip group

  14. Chris Yates says:

    Hey John
    Ive had the BD for a little while and it does work.

    I have better results based around the 15 min time frame personally but it works on all time frames & currency pairs.

    The website is currently being updated ( I’ve had to delay due to serious family health issues )
    So keep checking the site and there will be more useful info on it and also the payment function will be added on the site shortly too

    Nice to see a few other members posting their comments on here, especially Marc who is definitely one of the best traders I’ve seen who use this indicator and his own strategy which he shares in the FB group is spot on.

    Follow the rules and you will make money

  15. Vince says:

    I have been using this indicator for a few weeks now and it is incredibly helpful when trading price action. Its excellent on its own following the basic rules but when implementing personal strategies and adding in the BinaryToday indicators, it becomes a revolutionary tool for trading binary and forex. It certainly changed the way I trade and boosted my ITM% to new heights.
    The only complaint I have about this system is the way it is sold, it takes days and several emails to get it all set up and running.

  16. Tish says:

    I bought this indicator and joined the BD group after reading this review John. I made profits from day one with it and glad I found it. Thanks John

  17. Suraj says:

    I know Jamie very well and a very helpful and successful trader. Been making a steady profit with the BD for a while now. Best Buy I ever made! Suraj

  18. peter says:

    Hello John Kane, I have owned and been a part of the Binary Destroyer and its a really good group to be a part off. The support and training has really helped me and the indicator is amazing. I only gave up with trading because of my poor eye sight staring at the pc for a long time. I would highly recommend it though.

  19. Sarah says:

    The BD is the best indicator out there. I’ve been following the progress for six months before purchasing and I can say it’s worth it

  20. marc barling says:

    john i have been a subscriber of yours for well over 2 years now,i have, and used binary destroyer everyday bud. i can tell you it works very well. if you want proof of this i can provide you with it but not here .if you contact jamie i am sure he will give you a full and honest over view of the indicator and how he runs the group, and a over view of the groups results. now some are struggling for sure, but i feel most of the group are making nice progress and nice money. the indicator is based on S&R and you can trade on any time frame you like it will work on all of them the same only thing is different expiry’s for different time frames as you would expect for binary trading. most in the group are moving to FX trading like my self and find it very good for doing this .i hope you contact jamie to get a proper look into the system and the VIP group because most of the work is done inside this group not outside i am sure you will be impressed

    • John Kane says:

      I’m glad to hear that Marc.

      • marc barling says:

        john i hope you contact jamie he will be more than happy to show you how binary destroyer works i am sure of it ,maybe even get you involved in helping spreed the word to more traders

    • StPatrick says:

      Hi Marc.

      Can you please provide some guidance (e.g Links) on these binary destroyer, I am trying to test it.
      Watched some YouTube videos but not much helpful.

      Someone marketed it to me, after buying it now the person has since been silent not communicating, not coaching, no “how to material”. so i am on internet with an attempt to gain know how of these indicator

      Thank you
      From Pat

      • Des says:

        You need to make sure you buy through Jammie’s link. Its a great indicator but even more powerful when used with simple price action like support and resistance, M % W pattern. Great tool indeed?

  21. Michael Austin says:

    Hi I am Michael and I’m a user of the Binary destroyer, it’s a great indicator but I feel the best part of this is not just buying the indicator, you get into the V.I.P group full of experienced traders using this software and someone always ready to answer or help if you are not sure, there are many way in which different people like to use the destroyer and has high % there is also loads of videos to help the newbies and loads of different ways you can profit, i.e if I have time I’ll trade the 5 MTF with 30 min expiry on binary options and if I am busy with work I’ll trade the 1 hour time frame and do long term forex trades! it’s an amazing indicator but most of all I am proud to be part of a trading family! Yes family where I have been lost on my own trading for 2 years losing money all the time and being fed up thinking the markets are against me! And then I come across my BD family and now not only am I in profit, I have a family to show how well I am doing and I get to show how I make profits, jamie and Michael and so many other traders in the group give so much time up to help people learn, but you do have to learn how to use this system on demo and master how to use it and you will be ITM #BDrules #BDfamily 🤑

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