Trading Review: Automated Wealth Solution

Today I’ll be looking at a new trading system that’s promising to start making anyone money in the next 24 hours without any experience, Automated Wealth Solution. Promises like these are a dime a dozen in the binary options market, so it’s always important to look at the information they are providing and analyze it to see if they are truthful or deceitful.

The location for the AWS offices is 1 Castle Quay, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 1FW, United Kingdom. There doesn’t seem to be any contact form or email address for customer support. This is odd.

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Automated Wealth Solution Review

Like many binary options trading systems, the Automated Wealth Solution does a very poor job at providing an adequate amount of information. Outside of a few bullet points, they tell us nothing. There are four bullet points, that are supposed to give us enough confidence to sign up.

  • Get a bonus for signing up
  • We’ll tell you what to trade and when
  • Point and click
  • Withdraw money whenever

These bullet points make the software come across as an easy solution to pick up a few bucks. Yet, this type of sales and marketing approach is frequently used by affiliate marketers, not traders. When looking for a real binary options trading investment, you should only be looking for a device from actual traders. The last thing you want, is to sign up with the system that was put together by someone who doesn’t even know how to trade.

Sales pages that give absolutely no information at all, outside of a few promises, are simply trying to wrangle up as many traders as they can to turn a quick profit. This is exactly what I believe is happening with this product.

Online Wealth Markets

As I’m going through the Automated Wealth Solution sign up process to see how it works, I found something quite strange. One of the page redirects actually takes me to a product called Online Wealth Markets.

I believe that this is a copy Program. What I mean by that is, the same developers of AWS came up with OWM and are now rebranding the system so that they can sell it again.

The issue with this approach, is the fact that Online Wealth Markets was a very poor product, and didn’t perform for its clients.


The developers feel that they can get away with 3 testimonial images, and a few badges the claim that the software has been advertised on Yahoo, ABC news, YouTube, MSN and sky news.

This is all false.

Automated Wealth Solution was never advertised on any of those news outlets, and it’s very likely that the testimonials are forged too.


My conclusion is very simple, and I can be quite succint. Do not sign-up with Automated Wealth Solution. It’s clear to me at this point, that this is not a worthwhile investment opportunity. The sales page is cheesy and there’s nothing that suggests that the development team has any idea how binary options trading actually works.

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