The Binary Profi

the-binary-profiThe Binary Profi is a binary options trading system that’s built to provide a winning rate of over 90%. The developer goes by just Frankie and he believes that he is the owner of the top 5 minute binary software on the market.

Today I’ll be providing a brief review so the Binary Today community knows what to expect from this vendor.

The Binary Profi Review

According to Frankie, the Binary Profi team has put together three trading systems available for sale. The AGIMAT, which was developed by someone named Dennis, the Top5M binary system and Top60sec binary system developed by Frankie. I have never crossed paths with either of these developers which is quite strange considering they claim to make anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a month. There are very few traders in the binary options market making profits like these without me knowing about it, especially when they are using software to achieve their goals. Considering that’s my specialty, I find it hard to believe in these results.

The Binary Profi developers have a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and provide their results on the front page of the website via screen shots. All the results seem to be from one week in early August. There is not enough of a trade history or sample size for me to make a determination based off these results alone. I prefer to see a couple months of trading results with a track record showing daily growth. This is difficult to find in the binary options market so it’s hard for me to condemn any vendor that doesn’t meet my expectations but I think we should all be trying to achieve more.

At this point in time I won’t be providing a final verdict for the Binary Profi systems. Each system alone is being sold for $200 and all three can be had for $400. As far as I’m concerned, this is a very steep price to pay for a system with no real community feedback and thus I believe in the wait and see approach. This page will now act as a hub for traders to gather and provide explanations about their experiences with this software. It doesn’t matter which system you’ve tried, whether it’s the 5M, top60, or agimat, I’m interested in your thoughts and opinions. If you ever need any help with your binary options trading you can leave a comment or click Ask John at the top of the page to email me personally. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and let’s start our week off strong.

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