Auto Money Generator by Paul Raven

auto-money-generatorAuto money generator is a new binary options product by Paul Raven. I have no experience with this developer and I’ve never seen his name attached to anything binary options until today. He tells us that he’s a binary options trader that has made millions in the markets. Now he’s programmed is strategy to trade automatically and is providing it ‘free’ for the community.

Today I will be reviewing this software and letting the binary today readers understand if it’s a worthwhile trading endeavor.

Auto Money Generator Review

According to Paul Raven, the auto money generator system has a 92% win ratio and is averaging $2700 per day in profits for its clients. When I see 92% in binary options, I see a major red flag. First off, I have no idea who Paul Raven is and due to the years I’ve spent in this market I find it very difficult to believe a millionaire binary options trader has been flying under the radar. That being said, I don’t want to judge the product solely on the fact that I don’t know who the developer is. My plan is to look at everything Paul Raven is providing so that I can provide a thorough analysis.

The auto money generator website is very simple. At the top of the page there is a counter that says since the launch of this project users have earned over $50 million. Again, we have another bold claim. It’s my experience in the binary options market that when we see developers make unrealistic promises the products don’t deliver. The video starts off by telling us we are one of only 500 lucky people who are going to be able to watch it. If this product is truly making people millions of dollars then this video would have been watched 500 times within the first few minutes of this website hitting the Internet. Yet, here I am over 12 hours into this product launch and the video is still working. How could this really be possible? It just doesn’t seem realistic.

I think you can tell already where my position stands on the auto money generator. It’s my belief that this binary options software will not be generating money for anyone in this community. I have no idea who Paul Raven is and I don’t believe that his software has made his clients over $50 million in the last 24 hours. That being said, it’s my opinion that you should not sign up with this new automated binary options software. If you ever need any help trading binary options or you just want to contribute to the website please leave a comment below the article now. I appreciate you and hope that you find the success that you deserve.

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