Code Fibo – CodeFibo Review

code-fiboCode Fibo is a new binary options product developed by Professor Matthew Lewis. According to the website, there are promises of generating $7000 per week using a new cutting edge technology. As I’m sure you could put together by the name, the strategy is based on Fibonacci numbers.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at the strategy, Matthew Lewis and anything else I find particularly relevant to this review.

Code Fibo Review

My initial thoughts on the Code Fibo software are reserved and skeptical. They promise of $7000 a week is a very large number and not something that we can take lightly. In this market, we constantly see developers promising unrealistic profits generated by fully automated systems are being given away for free. While the thought of $7000 a week is impressive, I find this sounds way too good to be true. A free system that’s going to make me over $280,000 a month? If that doesn’t sound like a get rich quick scheme then I don’t know what does.


Professor Matthew Lewis

In order to provide an in-depth review of the Code Fibo software it’s important that I look at every single element, especially Professor Matthew Lewis. On the website we are told that Lewis dedicated most of his academic career to helping lower-class income students from around the world reach their financial goals.

Over the past 5 years Lewis has been researching and developing this binary options trading technology to provide his students with “huge daily returns.”

The issue with this, is that if you do a quick Google search for Lewis you will find multiple professors but none that follow the storyline. On the right-hand side of the sales page we can see a handful of articles that were supposedly written by him, but if you try to click on them, they don’t work. Also, I couldn’t find any of these articles published anywhere online.

As my research continued I realized that the Code Fibo product producer is actually an actor. He is the exact same person who played the role of the creator of the Virtual Income binary options software. This is bad news, as it means the entire story needs to be called into question.


After finding out what I found out, I find it impossible to trust Professor Matthew Lewis or the Code Fibo software. I don’t believe that Lewis has our best interests at heart. I believe that this is a get rich quick scheme and that we won’t see any profits whatsoever. I see no reason to trust someone who is lying to us about their identity right out of the gate.

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