Virtual Income

virtual-incomeVirtual income is a binary options secret to over $10,000 per day, guaranteed. The producers of the software claim that this is the fastest way to create your new rich life. The system supposedly has over 12,000 users that are making an average of over $10,000 per day.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if we should trust these extremely inflated numbers.

Virtual Income Review

My first impression of the virtual income system isn’t very positive. The website is littered with aggressive promotional tactics and numbers that are too good to be true. Do I believe that this software has over 12,000 clients? No I don’t. The binary options market is big but it’s not big enough for a binary options software company to have over 12,000 clients before I even hear about it for the first time. Due to my position in this market, I am aware of every single binary options system that has more than 1000 customers. So, it’s my belief that this income system is inflating their client numbers to make it seem more impressive.

The problem with the virtual income software approach is that if they are lying about how many clients they have we have to wonder if they are lying about everything else too. They promise that they’ve won over 192,000 trades and spent over 3100 hours developing the software. Again, we have extremely large numbers built to persuade the binary options public. I don’t believe these numbers for a second. I believe that these numbers are fabrications because they are not proven and there is no discussion of a real trading strategy.

I think you know by now that my position on the virtual income software is very clear. I will not be recommending this software to any of the binary today readers. That doesn’t mean that this system one day will not be profitable but it does mean that the way they’re marketing the software is turning me off. I don’t believe any of the claims they are making because they are outrageous and thus I cannot promote the software. If there are truly over 12,000 people using this software then I imagine my blog will get hundreds of comments in the next few weeks on this very review. I will make sure that the review ranks very well on Google so that their clients can see it and tell me about their experiences. I don’t expect to hear anything from anybody. Thanks for coming to binary today and please let me know if you ever need help in binary options by clicking ask John at the top of the page.


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