Prepaid Profits – Risk Free Trading?

prepaid-profitsPrepaid Profits is a new binary options trading product the developers are labeling as a risk-free opportunity. I don’t appreciate it when any developer the binary options market acts like binary trading can ever be risk-free. Trading is never risk-free and any developer the tells you otherwise is being irresponsible.

Today I’ll be fully analyzing this new application and being very thorough considering the promises of risk-free trading.

Prepaid Profits Review

The Prepaid Profits sales page is very simple. There is a 6 minute YouTube video and a pop-up that can’t be closed. Considering there is really nothing for us to see on the front page, I’ll take a look at the members area instead.

Video Review

Members Area

fake-competitionWhen you enter the members area you are prompted that you have 5 minutes to trade $50 in real cash for free. Once the 5 minutes is up you can use the withdraw button at the end to withdraw your profits. We are told multiple times that this is real cash and what we win here we can keep up front with no questions asked.

The trading in the members area is not real at all. You don’t get to choose the acid your trading, you never see the price, you don’t get to choose whether the market is going up or down and no matter what happens you always win the trade. I’ve seen this method used in the past in another binary options scam. The producer of the product tries to rope traders in by making it seem like their system never loses and that they are going to get a bunch of free money for nothing.


prepaid-profits-membersAfter the Prepaid Profits contest ends, you will have a popup telling you how much you’ve won in that period. In my case I made $101.11. So, I clicked on withdraw to see if I can access these funds and now they’re trying to get me to register with a binary options broker. When I entered into this contest I was told that there would be no questions asked, yet here I am having to fill our more forms. Also, it’s not even giving me an option to select a brokerage. The screen is telling me to “please select a broker” but there isn’t even a broker on my screen to select. Not only is this deceitful but it doesn’t even work properly.


I recommend that you stay away from the Prepaid Profits system. This entire sales page is neither a clever nor unique way of roping in binary options conversions. They use a bunch of simple scripts to make it seem like we’re part of a real money competition where we’ve been gifted $50 and can take all of our profits with no questions asked. However, that’s not close to the case. None of this money is real and I don’t care how many brokers you sign up with, you will never get your winnings from this fake competition.

I suggest that you use a real binary options strategy like Binary5. This is a trading software that provides accurate signals to hundreds of my readers here at Binary Today. It can be trusted and is the type of system I recommend for every level of trader. Please leave your thoughts and concerns below the article now.

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