Binary Review: Jane Marshal’s Wealth System

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is a new binary options trading product from a woman who claims to work as an analyst and a Wall Street firm managing the money of rich people. When she had a child she felt the need to make the world a better place and that’s why she’s come up with this automatic trading software.

Today we will be reviewing and analyzing this software to see if it can really make the world a better place.

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review

Jane claims that she’s decided to improve the world by education and teaching people how to make money using the Jane Marshal’s Wealth System. She believes that the principles of turning small amounts of money into bigger amounts is really simple and can be learned and practiced. Although, this system is in teaching anyone anything as it’s an automated trading software.

Jane Marshal

There doesn’t seem to be a Jane Marshal anywhere. In our extensive research we found no older information that pertains to Jane, Wall Street or binary options. It’s likely that Jane is a character created by affiliate marketers to perpetrate a story and sell this software. Even if Jane did exist, she wouldn’t be the type of developer we would trust because she has absolutely no reputation or binary options trading history.

Furthermore, the images of Jane can be purchased from the stock photo service Shutterstock. This increases the likelihood that she does not exist. We would bet a good portion of money that this is the case.

Press Reviews

The main issue we have with Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is the fact that she is supplying us with fake press reviews. There are multiple quotes on her website from Business Monthly, Metro Parent, Entrepreneur and other reputable news outlets. Mark J. Camp from Angel Investor News says “Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Should be considered among the top investing systems in the market today. It delivers on its promise.”

None of these reviews are real. If you go to the websites for Entrepreneur, Business Monthly etc. you can search for these quotes and they won’t come up. Clearly, the reviews have all been created by the developers of this software in order to make it seem like a successful system.


Do not sign up with Jane Marshal’s Wealth System. The entire sales page is full of lies and deception. When developers rely on tricks to sell products it’s because the products aren’t too good. If you do try this binary options system you will be let down and your account will be lost.

Thank you for stopping by and spending time here at the only honest binary options review site on the Internet. You’ll read lots of reviews in this market but only trust real traders like myself.

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