Binary Options ATM Review

binary-options-atmBinary Options ATM is an autotrading system with an oddly designed site. I feel like I’ve seen this exact same template before in another website I’ve reviewed.

Oh here it is, this looks exactly like the Crazy ATM system that I reviewed in November. It looks like this is a quick re-brand. I would be interested to find out if this is a new software or just a recycle job. Today I’ll be reviewing this system so that you know if it’s a worthwhile robot or not.

Binary Options ATM Review

Looks like I’m a little late with my review on the Binary Options ATM. This system was promoted heavily over a week ago but there doesn’t seem to be any real performance updates or community feedback so maybe being late wasn’t a bad thing. Their last system didn’t get one comment from my readers so I’m surprised they would try releasing it again. Looking at google it is clear that I am ranked high for the product review so I’m not sure why I wouldn’t get any comments unless the software just didn’t get any clients. If that’s the case I’m not really interested anyways.

The Binary Options ATM website is pretty lame. There are a bunch of Forex prices at the top and a scrolling bar of what we can only assume is winning results from their traders. Yet, considering I’ve seen the same scroll come across my page it’s much more likely that this is fabricated and that the scroll is just a bunch of hand typed data that’s being pushed in our direction. There’s a signup button, a login button and no real information outside of this. The strategy isn’t discussed and really nothing is at all on this web page.

While my Binary Options ATM review is late I don’t feel like we missed out on anything here. The website isn’t professional, and it looks to be a recycled product that didn’t do well the first time. The lack of information about the system is another red flag. There’s just nothing on this page that’s giving me any reason to move forward. If there’s something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below the article now. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and please email me by clicking Ask John, if you ever need any help.

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