Millionaire Shield Review

millionaire-shieldMillionaire shield is a binary options product that’s telling traders that they can make millions while others panic. The developer of the system is named Steven Hulsman, he tells us that he’s a primetime hedge fund manager and a full-time philanthropist. Stephen says that his system works in all financial situations and is available for free today.

I will be reviewing this system and taking a close look at what it has to offer the binary options community.

Millionaire Shield Review

The concept behind the millionaire Shield is simple. Steven Hulsman tells us that crashing markets are an opportunity they can be taken advantage of. He tells us that crashing markets are the best place to make easy money in this system takes advantage of it. Since the green situation a few months ago though the markets haven’t been crashing so I’m not sure if this system will be able to work when these conditions are not being met. Before signing up for the system I would like to know how it operates when the markets are normal and not crashing, like they have been for the last couple of months. If the system only works during a crash that we won’t get very much use out of it.

The millionaire Shield comes with an easy 5 minute set up and an algorithm based on post Chinese currency devaluation so that it can adapt to setting market changes for the major pairs that it trades. There are no actual results on the website. There are a bunch of testimonials, but if you’ve been on binary today before you know that I really don’t trust testimonials and the people in these videos always seem like very bad actors. There are also a few screenshots of conversations but these aren’t really proof of anything either.

At this point in time I won’t be recommending the millionaire Shield to the binary today readers. It’s not because I think that this is a bad system but because we simply don’t have enough information to truly evaluated. Considering the system was just released today I expect the binary options community to test it out and hopefully leave comments about their performance at the bottom of this review. In a couple of months of the system is impressing binary options community that I will consider providing a recommendation. If you something you would like to say please leave a comment below the article now.


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